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  1. Chris,that is some Beautiful Gold. Good luck with the same. I don't think I could ever sell such pretty specimens. Bill
  2. You know I liked Tony during the 1st season. After that I could see that he has no respect for anyone other than himself. I couldn't believe you and your partner even went back for another season dealing with his sorry self. BIll
  3. c'mon guys I think it was just a couple of weeks back, or so, I was reading how everyone was waiting for it to cool off so they could get out hunting. Bill PS its 51 in Houston Lol
  4. Mike, I hope so. But not sure when. we hunted Rich Hill while you had your outing. It was great and I found 2 more nuggets 1.1gm and .04gm. Dad still hasn't found one. I told him its because he took 2 years off. Now he must come out again to make a find. Bill
  5. They are still in Congress. Julie is no longer with them is what they told me. The office is now located in the Old Trading Post. Bill
  6. 4500 with Nugget Finder 14x9. Again this year with 4500 -8" commander mono and another with 4500 and 14x9 nuggetfinder Bill
  7. Bryan rebuilt the circuit board on my GPX 4500 and is runs great now. Chris and Gold Seeker are correct. They are in Chandler Az. Bill
  8. What would the comparisson be with the N Gold or CoRe vs the GB Pro? I really like my GB Pro and after reading the info about the Nokta detectors it seems they react the same way as the GB Pro. Bill
  9. Sounds like I great deal. I Love my 4500. BIll
  10. Wow. I hope this gets cleared up before October. That is the area which I hunt on friends claims and the Weaver Claims when I make it out there. Where you at Bunk? BIll
  11. HI everyone. I like my 992MTN boots from New Balance. They are completely metal free and super light. I also have a very bad ankle and used to wear an ankle brace to keep it from rolling out or in. The tendons were torn years ago allowing it to roll either direction without hardly any uneven surface being involved. These NB Boots havn't allowd it to twist yet. (Thanks Mike F. for the info a couple of years back). I also must wear safety boots daily for work and I've found the Bates boots to be the most comfortable in loose rocks, but they do have metal in them. Hope this helps. Bill
  12. Matt here is some info on Woody: http://detectormods.com/forum, https://www.youtube.com/user/woodypoopoo, and his email address: detectormods@gmail.com. I have never had any mods done by him but he did give me alot of info on some issues I was having with my GPX4500 and instructions on how to trace some things to find out what the real problem maght be. That info he gave me was comfirmed as being correct by Brian at the ML service center in Az. and also by Darin at ML americas in Il. He also makes after market items like noise interference filters, battery packs. I purchased the noise filter but never used it after I got my detector back from ML service. I never had any interference and the smoothest threshold you've ever heard. Bill
  13. Happy Birthday Mike. I hope you find it. Bill
  14. I think that is a neat setup for the beach or lake bed. you can handle that large coil alot longer this way I'm sure. I like the design and immedieately thought of the large single ball for rolling it and easy of changing direction, like the Dyson vacuum set up. Bill