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  1. And thats why you will never be a successful detectorist.
  2. It does not say anything accounts being locked There is however a nice message explaining in detail whats going on The forums will be offline while the software is upgraded. We'll be back online as soon as we can. Please check back later. Thank you! There`s your answer
  3. Dude, adam, Dont rely on this guys information . He doesent find gold ever. He thinks hes a pro but his friends are way more successful than he is , because of his attitude
  4. Dude , it was not "missing equipment" .......He saw the items stashed somewhere , greed took over because he saw an opportunity to make money.He took the items , and posted that he would sell them in a year to the forum members. Then he later said the items were defunct......He`s full of crap...has been for years , and everyone knows it.
  5. So now your not going to sell the broke down crap on the forum in a year ? The same situation would apply if I came across a geocash, would I take the contents because no one was standing around to claim it? of course I wouldnt, because its meant to be there and for a reason.
  6. You seem to have a major comprehension problem. The "word" did not need to be let out..... get it? The owner of the items you stole, knows where they were. Your act of "heroism" was actually greed, and you know it. And to the poster of turning it into the sheriff, makes no sense either. Do you really think the sheriffs office is going to solve this mystery? idiot ! The thief needs to put it all back where he found it, but he`s probably a lazy,overweight, greedy slob, and wont even attempt it.
  7. rockhound

    My invention

    I tried to find it to, after the directions were posted ....I got lost and drove my truck off a cliff.
  8. rockhound

    first nugget

    Cool , im looking for a new spot ! Thanks for the picture
  9. rockhound

    the fisher cz21

    You are an idiot....Good luck with your business .....NOT!
  10. Bob, was the .2 with your 12" round or the 14" E ? Just curious
  11. rockhound

    got this with my troy x5

    It looks like asphalt....
  12. rockhound

    Hangover Nugget!

    Now that is a fine specimen...Congrats !!
  13. Nice pieces..... Are you sure that the 2200 wouldnt hear them with a small Joey or Nuggetfinder coil on ??
  14. rockhound

    A Little More

    Excellent ! You sure dont mess around... LSD Area?