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  1. I will be visiting friends in Las Vegas in 2 weeks and I hope to get over to Gold Basin area for a day.This will be my first time to Arizona and the desert. Any suggestions on a location would be great. Thanks
  2. I got a copy of Three Hours to Gold early this year from Chris at AZO. It was on his book list at that time and I wanted it for a up coming trip to the area. I will have to check out pg 42 & 43.
  3. Thanks Bob for getting in touch and we will set up a time for training soon. Howard I live in Lake County Ca. About a 2hr drive to the Sacramento area. Thanks for the other comments the one thing I have learned in my 20 years of prospecting [ Dredging, highbanking ect ] is you never give up if you want to find gold. The thrill is in the finding and the amount is second and the outdoors is Gods country.
  4. I live in Lake County Ca. which is about a 2hr drive from Sacramento. I own and operate a auto repair shop here for the past 20 years.

  5. You found everthing for a good time. Now open a brew with your new opener and sit down and admire your gold. Great find.
  6. Chris I can not get away from work long enough to get to Arizona but almost anywhere in N California would be great!!!. How can we set something up. Thank you
  7. I have all of the dvd,s and have watched them many times as well as read the manual. But some times you just need to have some training to sort things out. Like is it me, the area ect. Had a whites GM before this and took a lesson and that made all of the difference.
  8. Saw a ways back that Montana Bob gave lesson in northern ca. I could never get to arizona for lessons on my gpx 4000 when I bought it from AZO back then but could use some now. Back then I was still dredging but not now haha. Don't expect freebe's now just looking for good training. I have been out this summer to diggings and just found trash. I think I need help in fine tuning the machine and my ear. Thanks for any advice on training. Mike
  9. On the sujeect of permit limits I would first like to see no limits. But that can not happen then I think that during the first 30 days only past permit holder should be able to get a permit, this would keep the ecos from buying 2000 of them and keeping us out.
  10. On the surface it looks ok but the reclassing of so many as class A is a land grab and is going to make a large number of claims useless.On slate creek which is where i go it well be closed. Also on these small creeks the no dredging within tree feet of the present water line would in many areas take away half of the creek.
  11. I have it and have used it by county around grass valley and nevada city ca. To both ID a mine I have seen with gps and will use it to put a mark on a topo of a area that I will be looking into. So far I have not found a good place to detect but thats not the programs fault.
  12. I have a oniel semi/ dry that I use for diving on the northern ca. coast and it does a good job but still leaks some around the zipper. because of the cost of these types of suits be sure to use knee and elbow pads or you will wear it out fast. good luck.
  13. 4x4 mike

    Duisenburg Ca.

    Thanks Kevin for the info. I am watching the weather now and will be going in about 4 weeks.
  14. 4x4 mike

    Duisenburg Ca.

    Thanks kinney I will ask around when I get there. Anyway you look at it a few days away from work looking for gold are days well spent.