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  1. Sent you a PM, I have a lot of nuggets for sale, prefer to sell in bulk though.
  2. Conversions error I think in there Adam? My personal feeling is that the 17x13 Evo is a lot like having a 16" RM and an 11" RM wrapped up into 1 coil with a convenient elliptical package. It feels about like swinging a GPZ coil weight-wise, no free lunches. It's not unbearably heavy or anything though, it's ok. I did some tests and put them on youtube for any curious, 17x11 vs 17x13 Evo vs GPZ. I'm not in the biz of advertising products but I will say this is first "new generation" of coils where I've found repeatable, measured differences (other than stability) from the previous gen of coils and I like this coil.
  3. If your challenge is truly to see if "anyone" with a 7000 can come in behind you and and find a nugget in patches you've left for dead then I'm an "anyone" who would volunteer too. I don't have decades of experience or any sort of notoriety. Or is it more about trading dead patch locations? If you truly just want to see if a random guy with a 7000 can go to a historically productive but now "dead" patch then I'm down for the challenge, caveat is I get to video it for youtube (no identifying features, just ground and detector settings).
  4. jason

    NW AZ Gold

    I never found anything out there, but I was only 3 days while I was staying in Bullhead and resupplied. My patience wore thin pretty quickly with all the bullets, and there were people shooting in every direction around me from sunup to sundown, even when I'd bump off back into the hills a ways so I gave up. There were a few places I found to check out sometime in the future that were more detectable, I've never been back though. The farther away from that road coming out of BHC (Silver Creek I think it is) you get the better it is I think. But who knows, if you have the patience to plow through a couple thousand bullets a day there might be some nice nuggets there too. It gets real tough to do that if you aren't sure there is actually detectable gold there or not though. I'd be curious if anyone found anything out there too, I've rarely talked to anyone who's detected it and it's like one of the top 2 highest producing lode gold districts in the state isn't it? Seems like chances are good there is some macro-sized gold somewhere around there.
  5. jason

    NW AZ Gold

    Trick out there for me is finding places far enough away from the BHC shooting crowds to not be hitting a bullet every 5 to 10 seconds - drove me crazy.
  6. jason

    Wanted GPX 4500

    What size is the lot? Do you have photos of it? I have a GPX 4500 with 3 coils and I'm interested in acquiring some land, preferably in the mountains but city might work too. I'll message ya with my email.
  7. The thing I'm always wishing I had on mine is a digger add-on for the other end of the pick on the handle, like a rounded piece of metal a little bigger than the width of the handle pointing straight up so that I can flip the pick upside down and still dig when I get a real deep hole that I can't dig in with the main pickhead anymore without widening the hole to crater width. As it is now I just carry a hand pry bar and use that when I get too deep for the pick, but it'd be nice to eliminate one more thing to carry. Or actually, if you just sold those mini burro heads without the handle that'd probably be a good thing to put on the other end of my hermit pick for the same reason come to think of it if it wouldn't get in the way of swinging the big side of the pick.