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    drum solo

    There are a lot of musicians in this hobby, not just this forum but all of them . Must be something to it !
  2. strickman

    Nice Specimen

    spectacular !!!!!!!
  3. Very nice ,cool looking nugget !
  4. I found a used plastic gun case at a yard sale ,$8 .it even has foam inserts worked perfect .all I had to do was take the shaft apart to get it to fit . slide it back on and ready to go . can mount on a 4 wheeler rack ..
  5. anyone swinging the gbpro out there? I have only got to use mine once so far ,seems to work well. It does hit the small gold ,should be real good at sniping. I am in georgia some spots pretty hot ground ,some not to bad. the gg seems to work well . just wondering any body else like or dislike ?
  6. by using the phase readings ,you can basically follow the black sand or follow the mineralization.but always remember THEY ARE NOT THE CODE [OR LAW } just GUIDELINES >>>>>they do help, sometimes people rely to heavily on vdi numbers also .don't fall in to that mentality. use them as a guide - use your gut ! digum all . sometimes there could be a nugget near trash and give you some sketchy numbers as well.
  7. thought I might have hit a touchy subject ,no replies till now. I know most of y'all swing m.l.'s -personally I can't afford one yet. so I went with what I thought was the biggest bang for the buck.had a hard time convincing the wife -so far it has been worth it . I am mainly sniping on exposed bedrock ,some tailings .but so far it does do the trick.mostly smaller gold here -works well on small pickers.I know I don't have the depth of m.l.'s ,but it's better on smaller targets.and should work decent on overlooked hardrock.
  8. I would probably have a heart attack right there !
  9. good way to start off !