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  1. I too found a geocache wile out detecting in northern Ca. i found an old house site the only thing left was the fireplace .It was behind a rock in the back of the fireplace . I singed the paper and put it back for the next person .never thought I would find anything like that .
  2. you got it Lunk you right its out there just need that coil swinging over it
  3. Golddust

    Look down...

    Great find Ray my coin book says they only made 36,209 of them and the least its worth is 1,400.00
  4. you got some great finds there Ray . I'm still trying with the goldbug pro just haven't found the hot spot yet .but what the heck I can allways come here and see gold in your hands.
  5. If theres one then theres probley more in his family keep a look out for the rest
  6. Thats what we like too see it keeps us going . congrats
  7. I want to wish everyone Happy New Year too and for everyone to fill there pockets with gold in this luckey 13 th year. Charlie
  8. I never rember names tell been around someone for a wile . Got some advice from Ray the other day looking forward to meeting him i live just down the road from him . I would like someday to meet some of the people on hear want to get down to the big Q some time too its ways from Shasta county for me . mike i read yours and all post most everyday seams like i know most of you all ready . Charlie
  9. Golddust


    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well and all in the world
  10. I cant say what i would like to do abought this i like my freedom but if i could it would never happen again
  11. I know your book will be a #1 let us know how to get a copy when your finshed
  12. The log truck yeah i know that feeling all to well me and a friend were headed to the backwoods alooking for a place to put a pan in and the road was a one track road the down side looked like you were in a airpane the other was like looking up from the deepest canyon you ever seen and here come that log truck i turned up the bank and punched it im stell hear to tell it but it was close there wasnt any dust on the tail gate after he went by. The bank was so steep we had to dig the trailer hitch out so i could get the truck back off the bank.
  13. Hi lanny Your tall tails and great finds have giveing me some hope that there is stell a place in the world to have a good time and enjoy what time we have left in this world.Keep the tails comeing . Thanks for the entertainment
  14. Thats a nice find congrats