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    nugget huntin , fishin , nugget huntin.....
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  1. YelloSn0w

    Back in Arizona...

    Hey Chris,....what ah great adventure. love the pics, but you could have added a few more pics from the lovely red light district maybe?,.... come on, i know you got some. Yello
  2. Hey Mike,.... glad to see u all made it ok, a long and depressing drive im sure.... i suggest you get out and find some nuggs, theres nothin like some nice gold nuggs in your mouth for the Blues...GoodLuck Yello
  3. YelloSn0w


    gold is gold,.....great job there TRINITYAU --- Yello
  4. hello laguna,...im sure the Gold bug 2 is a decent detecter. but for the money, a used older Minelab PI in my experience is the way to go. and like Terry said,.. manual -vs- automatic ground balance (personal preferenc), but definatly go auto,..... been there-done that Yello
  5. w0w,.... what ah relieve,..huh? nice to here it all worked out 4 you colorado,... my next suggestion was to call 911 heres hoppen your girl(ML) makes a speedy recovery. Yello .......by the way, if your lookin for ah detectin buddy one of these days this summer, lets hookup...
  6. Dahm ColoradoGoldMan, thats truly BS. After listing what you said, i beleave they fried your MLab. I'd B'tch till they give you a new 5000 replacement. I'd surely be taking them to small claims court..... sorry just stuff like this really busts my bubble. .......Yello
  7. ...........very purty there frank
  8. YelloSn0w

    Desert Gold

    nothin but beauty there Dave,....ill be headin to cali here in 3 weeks,...cant wait,...thanks for the peppin me up!
  9. Hey Montana,... just beautiful lookin gold you got there...just love seeing new nuggets, its getting me ampted up for my trip to So-california next week. keep em comin,.... myke
  10. YelloSn0w

    greaterville gold

    ..........very nice there Border Boy, looks like ah couple grams of pure rough beauty!
  11. hey Grub,...wishing you the best on ur recovery and thank you for protecting our country,....What erks me is that this corrupt government has the nerve to put illigals comming to this country illigaly before our vets who have fought and died for this us... on another note,...hope u can bounce back soon,...and find some nuggs.... Yello