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  1. That is a very big patch west of Quartzsite! Way to stick with it.
  2. That has been quite an adventure. I'm sure all are glad for the helping hands.
  3. Mitchel

    Mining Claim Question.

    What was said in the will or trust of the partner who passed? Was the estate probated? If nothing was said then the 'next of kin' (nearest relative) of the one who passed would be entitled to his partnership portion. They could quit claim it to you. If they are not locatable then you should contact BLM and ask them what others have done in similar cases. (This would be free advice and that would be what it is worth.) Next go to an attorney and for just a few hundred bucks they will get you on it legally.
  4. That will do for starters!
  5. Mitchel

    Hunt Down Dagger Canyon

    Nice to see you getting out Chris. You have lots of places to revisit. Mitchel
  6. Most of the time being helpful and nice is much better for everyone rather than being challenging. It happens this way for me here on the beach. I was helping someone the other night find their keys and in the process I found a watch. The night before I help someone else find their keys and find a cell phone and the owner gives me $60 reward. Both nice gestures of karma. Thanks for posting Chris.
  7. Mitchel

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Maverick, I consider that highly and I said 'Have fun with your friends.' You just don't need to throw all of us other Yahoos under the bus. If that is not what you meant to do ... you did it anyway but it appears to me you knew what you were doing. Now you have some new prospecting land. Win-win-win ... but some of us lost respect for you, before we ever met you.
  8. Mitchel

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Maverick, You have just acknowledged that all of us Yahoos with a 7000, 5000 or 4500 have a superior machine. What is your problem with that? Would you find more gold with one of those? Now you want to make a challenge against a qualified 'claim' that I haven't seen any of us make: My "main issue", is the claim (which I question) that anyone with the new 7000 would be able to "come-in-behind-me" (on any of my spots) where I have used my 3000 and find gold that it missed. How can anyone possibly win this challenge statement against you? Those friends of yours who want to try have fun but they won't win. This is a moving target. Something will always make the result tainted.
  9. Mitchel

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    3 nuggets over a pound each, found with a GPZ by Jonathan Porter, prior to the release of the GPZ 7000. On another forum several months ago when there were better questions about the GPZ, JP's post stated he found over 100 ozt in the testing of the GPZ. He confirmed this to me and everyone on that forum. Other posters that I know on Steve's forum told me that they bought 2 GPZs in the first week and paid for one on a single patch. This is all 'old news' to those of us who have looked for positive things about this new technology. Maverick, you need to do more research sir. When you do you will not be posting the way you have done so far. You might even find more gold. Most of us have.
  10. Mitchel

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    You have to go to a different forum to see that big 7000 gold it seems. I've seen it and a lot of small stuff too. I've also seen some private pictures of big gold and since it is so hard to find any more ... they won't post it. I'll also have to say that my finds so far with my 7000 have been very modest but I don't find much gold anyway. There has been a tendency for some 7000 users to only go back to hard hit ground and not look for new ground which could produce bigger nuggets. There is also the recognition that the previous technology and thousands of hours of detecting on patches has cleaned them out. The 7000 is not for everyone. If you can find a virgin patch through research or luck then you don't need it to fill your poke.
  11. Mitchel

    Saying Goodbye

    Chris, Your loss will be felt for many outings to come but it will pass. Eventually you will get that new hunting partner and the boring, over-hunted patches will become new again with that next dog. It is an end to a chapter. The book is still being written. There is more gold in them'thar hills. Mitchel
  12. The nugget served its purpose. Now you need another one!
  13. It is 'way too hot' when you live out here at the beach and you can't imagine driving more than 15 miles inland to hunt for anything ... including gold. Keep posting the short trip finds. I'm waiting for a good winter hunt.
  14. Yes, I know the GPX has a specific model that would be different than this one. I seem to have a lead on one and I can let Lu try it to see if she likes it on the 5000. She is willing to try. She is mastering the old SE Pro I used before the 3030 and now finds about the same number of rings and good stuff as I do.