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  1. Your avatar looks like a Jeep, you can't fit that in a Jeep can you?
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    I been spending alot of time in Greaterville this last month. No problems with illegal traffic yet, there is alot of Broader Patrol presence in the area and one day they had two C-31 gunships flying super low and slow criss-crossing that whole valley - whatever they were doing really messed up my thershold. I always pack my XDM.
  3. Dude - you stopped to take a leak on the interstate and found that?!? WTF I must be doing something wrong - Congrats - that is one sick piece.
  4. I attemped to set my GPX5000 up in the CUSTOM search mode to Lunk's setting as listed on this thread. I understood that once one of the three search modes was set up those setting would stick to that search mode. I thought I could then change to Deep or General and the rear LCD panel setting would switch to the factory or other setting I had all ready programmed but this does not happen? Switching from Deep, General or Custom makes no difference on the LCD menus - it all stays to what I set??? Any ideas?
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    149 grams of the good stuff

    Nice find and thanks for sharing it.......best of continued luck out there. Now if only we could get a good weekend forecast......
  6. Garmin's the name then. Today my Magellan just crapped out. Reads "fatal error" all the Triton forums say that's it the thing is done for. I have used it very, very little - what a hunk of junk. Magellan won't even service it. Never again. I had an old ETrek for years and it worked great, I just wanted something that could display maps. So much for an upgrade......back to Garmin, never buy another Magellan, if this unit has 2 hours of on time I would be surprised.
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    I think they have a couple claims down in Greaterville - been looking into that myself - let us know what you find out
  9. Hey fellas I had not intented to start a debate or to insult. Here's my point. This summer my son completed a number of Jr. Ranger programs at 7 National Parks including the Grand Canyon. As part of the Jr. Ranger program children complete a course of study, get a badge and become Junior Rangers for that park. It's a great program and I highly recommend it to you other parents and grandparents. At three of the seven parks the topic of lead at toxic levels and how it endangers wildlife was discussed with the children. How accurate the information is maybe open to debate but the fact that the agenda is being pushed on our kids no longer is. I agree with Montana, I don't think any of us have saved a California Condor. The point really is that there is a large and growing force with a real anti-human agenda, many folks are pushing for "wilderness" areas to block all human access. We should all look at fact that by removing lead from the enviroment it gives us "ammunition" to promote metal detecting and widen the areas where the activity is allowed. Wilderness and riparian areas will continue to grow in the coming years. Just in Obama's first term over 2 million acres and over 1000 miles of river have been protected as wilderness. While prospecting is allowed on wilderness land, mining is not. Gold panning is considered mining. Metal detecting is ok as long as you are hunting coins, the laws are writen so they can be left open to interpretation it seems. Nugget shooting however could be considered mining due to the fact our goal is to take natural minerals from the land. I think if your "motivation" is the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 and you are searching to remove the lead from the landscape in order to assist the Bald Eagles, the California Condors or the Gila Topminnow then the same Forest and Park Rangers that instructed my son to encourage his friends and family to stop using lead bullets and fishing weights should just encourage you, not give you a hard time. I'm sure you have a pocket full of old bullets to support you claim....... That may sound like a bunch of B/S but that's why we have internet forums anyhow........ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxic_Substances_Control_Act_of_1976 http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5186967.pdf
  10. Yes sir, I have dug a couple of holes that deep and am using just the stock mono coil. After you get down about a foot the detector really starts singing at you with those larger targets but that first little bump in the thershold gets you hoping you're on a deep prize! And I have to say one more time I really love the Hodan ProPick.
  11. With a real love of fishing, hunting, all things out doors and a vehicle that gets 11mpg I'm a poor treehugger/environmentalist. I still I have to say..... What a gross display for the want of any level of reason or intellect you two boys show. When the conversation turns to conservation the simplest amoung us start sounding off about eating endangered species. And I thought the birds that eat lead are dumb........Here's your sign boys...... Don't take to personally I don't know you guys and I bet we have more in commom then not. All joking aside I think if you have no level of respect for the natural world and order of things you should learn your place, buy a low rider and stay in the city. Leave the small remaining wild areas of North America to men and women of higher resolve. That way our children and grandchildren may still have a chance to know something other than steel and asphalt.
  12. AzOverland

    Ca desert gold

    Thanks for sharing, gives me hope that soon I will find that first bit of yellow.....
  13. By taking the trash out, in particular the lead bullets, we are being good stewards of the environment and wildlife that shares the land we search. Most of us as sportsmen are familiar with the push for lead free bullets and fishing weights as lead has become a topic of concern and debate in reguards to our environment. I feel that the more lead removed from the environment and watersheds the better. While some may argue the effects lead has on the human and other wildlife populations it is clearly documented the leading cause of death in many California Condors is lead poisoning. A new body of evidence suggests California Condors comsume lead not only in the flesh of game they eat but bullets taken directly from the soil as they mistake lead for other minerals they eat as a natural part of their diet. If there is any continuity in the extreme environmentalist agenda then as the push of lead free ammunition and fishing weights continues the areas where prospecting is welcomed and encouraged should spread like wildfire. For myself I feel a certain level of balance when at the end of the day I come home with a pocket full of trash. I teach my son the old Boy Scout motto to leave the area cleaner then when you came. Take pride in your rubbish, you have left the area cleaner because of your efforts. Here are a few links about the lead debate.... http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-10-23-condor_x.htm http://blogs.nature.com/news/thegreatbeyond/2010/07/condor_poisoning_linked_to_lea.html http://www.youtube.com/thenssf#p/u/1/B_5GiFB9x78
  14. Was that all in just one day????
  15. AzOverland

    Rain on the Way!

    No rain at Greaterville on Saturday night or Sunday morning but damm we almost lost the tent to the wind! Still no gold.......will be back at it this weekend.......
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    Friends Prospecting Rig

    I made the roof rack rack, I really like the way it mounts thought the hard top. I can remove it in about 5 minutes and the side tubes hold water and my fishing poles and mount independent of the rack. The winch is just a Smittybilt XRC8 but the front bumper at the time was something I put together too. I have new front bumper on now so if you want that modded out stock one I still have it lying around it think......I know for sure I still have the winch plate I used, maybe not the bumper.
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    Rain on the Way!

    Yea, the first weekend I have a chance to stay a night out in the feild since I got a detector and there's a 70% chance of rain, wind gusts up to 49mph and a low of 37. Tell you what it's a heck of a nice morning down here in Tucson so far. If I wasn't workin' I'd already be out there. Maybe I'll go anyhow......
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    gpx 5000 review

    Well lets hope there's alot of unknown fields cause I would like to use my machine for more then 6 months. What coil are you running?
  19. AzOverland

    Friends Prospecting Rig

    Is he running two huge like 8 foot CB whips? Nice rig! Here's my old dog....favorite add on...dual battery system with solar panel and ARB fridge.
  20. Granted I'm no seasoned vet with the GPX but here's one vote for the Gold Screamer. I really like the external volume control and with an external speaker you are not tethered to the detector. If you could post a link to the $13 extra batteries I would like to pick up a another one. I have run my detector with the external speaker for about 8.5 hours on one battery and by the end of the day the voltage dropped to 7.4 If you are going to backpack in to a remote location where vehicle access it not an option the smaller batteries and small external speaker would really come into it's own.
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    Greetings AZO Forum

    Chris - thanks - I got that Pro-Pick and magnet from you just in time for my brithday yesterday and took the day off to go out. That pick is REALLY nice and with the super magnet on top and the smaller one on the handle I have cut the time to isolate a target to less then half. I have also really enjoyed the freedom of the external speaker. But yesterday I was hunting a remote little canyon and thinking at times this Minelab kinda sounds like a wounded woodpecker predator call we use to use when it hits a target.....maybe its just me but I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for a mountain loin to be stalking me. It's really to much noise for a loin I'm sure, but I bet I could call in a coyote with it if I tried too......
  22. As a new member wanted to say hello to the forum members and thanks to AZO and all the folks who keep this forum going. I am an Arizona native who spends my free time outdoors. For the last many years in pursuit of good Arizona fishing holes and back canyons with little traffic. My 9 year old son got me started in prospecting, he picked up the idea he wanted to go out metal detecting so we got him a little unit form the local Big 5 and hit a couple of parks and so on. Then he got the idea and shared it with me that guys were finding gold in the wild using metal detectors. This idea was totally new to me back in December but I sure was interested. We took to the hills armed with our $89 dollar detector and a few gold pans and from then on we got it....GOLD FEVER. Gold prospecting was a natural fit to our outdoor lifestyle that includes fishing, hiking, backpacking and 4 wheelin' and remote wilderness camping. We have yet to see a flake of yellow for our efforts but I am sure it will come some time. The reward now is being outdoors, exploring new areas of the state, finding some peace, watching the whitetails dance over the hills and spending some real QT with my kid and close friends. I am swinging a GPX5000 now and a member of a few clubs and my son is often right by my side, he can hike a whole day and dig holes without a word of complaint. I have had the 5000 about three weeks now and got about 40 hours behind it in the Greaterville DGD claims. I am starting to feel comfortable with the detector so with any luck soon I'll be posting picture of our first little nugget!!!......till then we be helping to clean up the unwanted lead and rusty tin from the watersheds of southern Arizona.... Thanks for the great forum and all the input from members and administrators that have help motivate and move us into this new activity I enjoy so much. We'll see you out there and good luck to all. Jason - GO CATS!
  23. AzOverland

    Greetings AZO Forum

    Terry - thanks for all the great youtube vids - I have enjoyed watching them. Yea I decided if I didn't get a Minelab I would be left wondering if I was leaving nuggets behind......I think we all still wonder that anyhow?
  24. That's what I'm talking about - nice chunk!