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  1. Good luck on your website NV-Chris. Nice looking gold there! Jimmy
  2. Good luck with your website and sales on eBay Gus. Yesterday I purchased one of your items on eBay.
  3. Explorer

    Dating Old Glass

    Hey Chris, they both look like medicine bottles from the 1800's. The purple one is older by the design of the lip. Anywhere from the 1860's to the 1880's. I have about 200 assorted style bottles. In 1903 the automatic bottle machine was invented. The seam will go over the lip of the bottle. Prior to that, bottles were blown in wood molds with an attached neck or lip. Or just glass blown, some with noticeable pontils. That's the glass slag where the punty rod was attached. Most pontils were ground down smooth. Hope this helps you all.----Jimmy
  4. Hey all, What everyone is doing here is just a wonderful thing. As a former firefighter, first responder & WTC responder this subject hits home for me personally. On July 4th I attended a small car show with my ride in Bayfield, Co. Here in s/w Colordo we are very much into volunteering and reaching into our pockets. At that car show (about 50 cars) I believe we raised over a 1K for the families of those firefighters. With Redneck enterprizes the show host matching the total to be sent down to AZ. With us guys with 50K+ type cars we always come through for charities. One more thing.......With the past fallen firefighters from 9/11 and the brave 19 and all firefighters who sacrificed their lives for others.... HEAVEN HAS ONE HELL OF A FIRE DEPARTMENT. GOD bless-Jim
  5. Explorer

    An old trip...

    Thanks Ray, for the pictures and sharing your past experience.
  6. Nice gold schiara. I thought this was a friendly, informative forum, not a spelling bee. P.S. Ray, there is an apostrophe in the word "don't". -LOL
  7. Up in Colorado Springs, Colorado a quarry is subject to much conversation. As of late the Waldo Canyon wildfire one of Colorado's largest has peaked interest among it's residents. This large rock quarry known as the "scar" was regarded with disgust for decades. However, this "scar" that they wanted to change for some time from complaints. Saved the homes of that area by stopping the wildfire in it's tracks. With no where for that fire to go. Residents there have made up signs and signed them on how much they love that quarry now. All thanks to past mining. Did you get that California?
  8. Hi Chris, I remember just last year starting a thread wishing you a Happy Birthday. But that wasn't until the 17th of May. I guess old age is creeping up on me. Either way hope you had or will have a great day to get a nugget.--Jim
  9. My take on this is a combination of many things said so far. Let's be realistic, history repeats itself. From that wood mill on the American River back in 1848, people just can't keep things to themselves. Whether it's to boost or share with friends....the word get's out somehow. Or maybe it's the curious seeing vehicles parked on the overpass on Rose Creek in Prescott Valley, Az. One merely just needs to get out of their vehicle to look over that overpass to see prospectors with Gold Fever. Or the internet forums which are public, TV prospecting shows. Or maybe it's just someone metal detecting in known areas that may have gold. Then others detect in non gold areas for artifacts. The public knows, they are not stupid they can reason it out. Holes, trash, personally I cover up my digging holes completely. Not for the reason that I'm a greenie, I just don't want anyone else to know I was there. What if I find something somewhere along my trail of detecting. Anonymous is my thing when I'm out there. Which is a good thing for those who believe in not leaving a carbon footprint. What I do is no one else's business. Trash- A hundred years ago there was no garbage truck to take your garbage. People buried their trash in the ground. So why is there trash from the old miners all over the surface on the flats south of Rich Hill, AZ.? Whether it's today or yesteryear, trash will always be an issue. Then someone's trash is anothers treasure. It's just the way it is. Once I parked my vehicle and walked for miles in the middle of nowhere. To find that eluded virgin site where no one has been before. Found it!, quartz rubble abound, I whipped out my metal detector. Only to find someone hid a beer can in between two boulders, ha, ha, joke was on me. But that trash told me that this area was not virgin. So I quit that spot, to seek where no man's been prospecting before. So that beer can gave me a heads up for I am devious when it comes to hunting gold and tracking. Maybe it's just me, from my law enforcement/gov't security stealth background. Be safe out there!
  10. Mike and others, I had the same problem of a freezing line in a previous house. They sell an insulated wire that wraps around pipes. It has it's own thermostat built in. Plug it in when winter arrives. It is called several different names. We called it "heat trace". Plumbing stores, HD, etc. should sell it. Then no more worries.
  11. The American flag is a symbol of our freedom and liberty from tyranny. From the beginning of our forefathers who begun the fight for our independence. To all the veterans from all the wars since then. For me the American flag is sacred. Many Americans deep inside feel the same. Let a celebrity sing and screw up our national anthem and the stadium fans will let them know it.
  12. Hawkeye & Chris, I hear you, for "Freedom is the birthrite of every American". To do otherwise is unsettling.
  13. Generally speaking, private land scoop up doesn't fair well for prospecting. But not here in Colorado. This state always has been outdoor recreational friendly. Especially here in the southwest part of the state. Since the economy bust, there has been no new "trophy" homes adorning this heavily mountainous state. Just developments with homes, townhomes, condos, resorts, etc. The developers, as a deal maker, include public access for trails they create including free on the side parking. These trails all connect together throughout the state "hundreds" of them. I know, I watch the city council meetings every two weeks on government access cable TV. These developers include trails as part of their comprehensive plans to be approved by city council. Many of these developments go up high in the mountains. Or deep in the forests creating what would be difficult access otherwise. As far as commercial buildings, they are closed on Sat/Sun and I never had a problem getting permission during week days here. It's just a way of life here to enjoy the outdoors. I just wish all the gold wasn't locked up in ore. So why these groups doing this is nothing but shear selfishness. Even though many of these groups carry guns outdoors. Sort of mixed up to me. It seems to me that there should be two different type regulation laws pertaining to prospecting. Commercial (for profit) and recreational (hobby). This could be an angle to ease laws in your state. Good luck to you all.