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  1. I’m cleaning out my garage. Anything I haven’t used for a year or more goes to the auction block. With that said... up for sale to some lucky buyer is the following equipment for recovering desert gold. Equipment has been SOLD! For more information, photos, reviews, and how-to videos on operating this equipment please visit my website: http://www.azbest.com/drywasher
  2. azblackbird

    2005 Yamaha Rhino 660

    Special price just for you gold guys... I'll take $4500 from any member of this forum.
  3. Up for grabs is my pristine condtion 2005 Yamaha Rhino. I have thoroughly enjoyed this machine over the years that I’ve owned it. I need to move up to a more powerful machine (Polaris Ranger/General) that is capable of pulling a trailer with my Rokon and other mining supplies loaded onto it. This Rhino could probably do it on the easier trails, but I’m not into abusing my machinery when it comes to the hard stuff. It’s now time to let somebody else enjoy this machine as much as I have. If you’re a prospector or a hunter who wants to get in to the back country where few people dare venture, this is the machine for you! I have it set up to haul pretty much any equipment you may need to help you find the gold, or haul that deer or elk out of the bush. For more information and to view HD photos of this Rhino, please go to: http://www.azbest.com/rhino
  4. I've already taken a pro-active approach to the snake stress problem. When out in the boonies, I catch a rattler, put him in a gunny sack and take him home with me. Once home, I let the snake know that my neighbor is an environmentalist and will take good care of him and get him the proper therapy. I bid the snake farewell and then toss him over the fence into the neighbors yard. I figure who knows better how to take care of a rattle snake than an environmentalist. They know everything about wild life.
  5. Ditto on the RoadRunners... If I were to join a "club", it would be the RoadRunners. A quick scan of the LR2000 for the LSD area (where I would most likely prospect) shows they have the most claims.
  6. Nice work! How many hours you figure it took you to dig out the crack?
  7. azblackbird


    Nice move on helping the Rancher out with his branding in exchange for hunting on his land. I know we always appreciated the extra help when we branded. Good luck with your book. I cheated and already downloaded all of your articles from the ICMJ site and have been following your forum posts for several years.
  8. azblackbird

    2003 Rokon Scout

    McClain... click on the link on this link for the price. It's easier to keep everything updated on my own web page.
  9. Chris… do you think Ma Nature may have stirred a few things up for you? I've been hearing of many people lately hitting up their old patches after all the rain we had, and are finding new gold where they previously detected. Granted the 2300 is a killer on the small stuff.
  10. Alrighty guys… Christmas will be here before we know it. Time to think about getting your S.O. a really nice gift (besides a washing machine or vacuum cleaner) that she will cherish for a lifetime. My S.O. has a really nice mink coat that she is willing to trade for an ounce of gold. What say ye? Go here for the skinny on the coat: http://www.azbest.com/minkcoat
  11. Up for grabs is my pristine condtion 2003 Rokon Scout. I bought this as a spare bike for my buddy to use when we go out gold prospecting. Unfortunately he now has a medical condition that makes it too risky for him to be out in the boonies. My new prospecting partner has his own Rokon, so out of the garage this one goes. If you’re a prospector who wants to get in to the back country where few people dare venture, this is the bike for you! I have it set up (saddlebags and custom rack to fit a large tote) to haul pretty much any equipment you may need to help you find the gold. For more information and to view HD photos of this bike, please go to: http://www.azbest.com/2003rokon
  12. Thanks for reminding us newbies to dig everything, no matter what signal our detectors are giving us.
  13. azblackbird

    My MLAB Treasure Talk Blog

    Thanks Steve, I really appreciate your insight. You pretty much told me what I needed to know.
  14. azblackbird

    My MLAB Treasure Talk Blog

    Would it be safe to say the ATX with larger coil can come close to matching the depth of a 5000 on larger nuggets, and with a smaller coil come close to matching the SD on the smaller stuff? I currently use a TDI Pro and a GMT... it would be nice to have an all-in-one compact detector that could match or exceed what I currently use. Would the ATX with larger coil blow the TDI in the weeds on the larger nuggets, and yet with a smaller coil blow the GMT in the weeds on the smaller stuff? What do you think?