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  1. Here is a video someone took of Fain park.
  2. Cool pics Chris. Thanks for sharing. At least you missed our heat wave! It was toasty here. Tom H.
  3. Have a good one Chris. Enjoy the cool weather. Good luck to you up there. Tom H.
  4. To you also Chris! Tom H.
  5. Heck yah! Good find and good ears I can vouch for this as I run the same set up and it will find small solid nugs at that depth. Congrats! Tom H.
  6. Very nice!! Congrats :) Tom H.
  7. Nice score Chris Good on you for persevering to get your golden surprise. Tom H.
  8. Dern Chris! You need my size 13 boot and start getting rid of some of these spammers! Tom H.
  9. Tom H

    A good day out

    Very nice species and a solid one WTG on getting the gold. Tks for showing it. GL to you and hope you get more. Tom H.
  10. Tom H

    Fort Lauderdale was Fun!

    Looks like a great time. Sure is pretty there. That salt water really does a number on coins! have you tried detecting some of the beaches on the Air force bases? Tom
  11. Tom H

    Feathers of Silver

    Thats cool! Should be able to get way better than spot for that. Then he can buy some hand cream! Thats a hard working hand Tom
  12. Sweet! WTG you two Looks like that place just "smells" of gold Tom H.
  13. WTG Chris! Those times out there with friends are the best Congrats and thanks for the cool pics. Tom H.
  14. WTG! Nice nug I use a 13x17 and love it. Good luck to you! Tom H.
  15. Crap! I just burnt a hole in my retina! Cool pics Tom
  16. Cool finds Dean Yah, that would have been a mess out there with the GPX and EMI Old coins are hard to get here. Just dont have the long history like back east, and all the miners were broke. Tom
  17. Very nice! Congrats Hope you get more from that area. That EVO is great! Tom H.
  18. We got TONS of rain this year in the winter. There was a lot of new growth that died off when it got hot. It was way over grown from not having a fire go through that area in 40 yrs....just took one retard to set it off. Tom H.
  19. Been praying about it also Chris. Its a bad one. Seems like it bypassed Mayer for the time being. Tom H.
  20. Great pics Chris...Thanks Yup, you picked a good time to be out of Az. Tom H.
  21. Wow............way to go man Nice gold. Glad the monster is working out for you. How does it do on hot ground? Tks.... Tom H.
  22. Thats spiking every 30 seconds or so can drive you nuts! Airplane radar will give the MLs fits also. Gets bad up around Bumblebee in the flight path of the commercial jets. Tom H.
  23. Tom H

    14x9 EVO

    Nice gold! They are sensitive Tom H.
  24. VERY nice nuggets! As for missing the nugget? Could be either or I just found two a couple of weeks ago in a wash that I had hit about 10 times. But the EVO found them. Dont know if I just missed them or what. I do know my EVO sure is a lot more sensitive and shoots deeper on small stuff than my other coil. Tom H.