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  1. Up for sale is a GMT that doesnt work-wont turn on-needs to be sent in but is in good cosmetic shape-I was going to send it in myself but never got around to it so Ive decided to sell it for $100 picked up  or $120 shipped heck the coil alone is worth $100 so my guess is for another 100 or so you'll have a nice  working GMT-PM me if interested

    Up for sale is a next to new slightly used Whites GM 24 K comes with original box-manual-stock 6X10 coil with cover-6 inch concentric coil with cover and the hard to get 4X6 coil and cover-I want $800.00 local pick up- if shipping is required thats on buyers dime.PS Ill post picks-PM me if interested-Thanks Mike C...:ph34r: