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  1. Hello everyone, Below is a list of what I have that I can remember for sure AND isn't at the bottom of the storage container that I place my gear in between seasons. I am looking to sell these items or trade the whole lot for a Fisher Gold Bug 2 (if doing a trade the detector MUST be in near mint to mint condition. A pair of headphones and a bag would be preferable, but not necessary. I would prefer to sell the items in multiple quantities because I lose too much money in shipping and PayPal fees selling individual items. Not trying to be a butt, just not going to lose a bunch of money for nothing. I hope you all understand. 1. Redhead Hybrid Illuminator Backpack in mint condition w/2-Liter Bladder. Bass Pro no longer sells this because they just brought out a new model in June. http://www.ifished.c...ore/cp/1170692/ 2. Redhead Day Trail Backpack in very good condition. Not exact but very similar to this. http://www.ebay.com/...=item3a8962ac37 3. Unused, out of package, Butt-Out Tool. http://www.basspro.c.../product/94754/ 4. New Lensatic Marching Compass with holder and in the box. http://www.ebay.com/...=item43b6fafaae 5. Two older but fully functional Deer Calls. One has a movable o-ring and a ridged tube for adjustment and the other can be used from both ends to make different sounds. 6. Absolute mint condition Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pack Knife Set. http://www.outdoored...-p/kodi-pak.htm 7. Brand new in package Ridge Hunter 4:1 Gambrel System http://www.basspro.c...duct/591910273/ 8. Used but in near mint condition Vortex Diamondback Binoculars with Vortex Bino-Harness and lens pen. http://www.basspro.c...product/103143/ 9. Two new and unused Deer Bags. http://www.basspro.c...oduct/11100511/ 10. Coleman Roadtrip XL Grill with two burner grates. http://www.coleman.c...10#.UsNdLbSQkRY 11. Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern with Coleman Case. Perfect condition. http://www.coleman.c...10#.UsNdi7SQkRY 12. Energizer Folding Lantern (works great inside a tent or trailer. http://www.walmart.c...ea-Lan/32545820 13. One XL Redhead Hunting Gear Bag and one Medium Hunting Gear Bag both in great condition (version prior to this one) http://www.basspro.c...oduct/10209470/ 14. Turkey Calls (mouthpiece style) 15. Pair of real forked-horn antlers from my kill 3 years ago (for rattling during the rut season) 16. Some scent block spray 17. Foldable Dove Hunting Seat 18. Folding Spring-steel Turkey Blind I may have some more stuff that i just don't remember right off hand, but this is a pretty good list of all of the good stuff. The approximate value of all of this equipment is between $1,000 and $1,100 before taxes. All gear is in very good or better condition...with some items being new. Looking to get between $600 - $700 for everything...and if you do the $700, we can talk about me delivering it to you somewhere of equal distance. Thanks for taking the time to look and I hope that we can make a deal on all, or at least some, of the gear. I am really trying to get myself a Gold Bug 2 so every little bit right now helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Have a Happy New Years Eve and New Year.
  2. Chris, I have not been on the forums for quite some time but I want to say that I am very sorry for your loss. There is nothing that a person can say or do to make the heartache fade any faster, but know this: God was sitting up there saying "I need a new Angel! Who is best for the job?"... and now we know. Based on your words about your cousin, I think God chose the right person. He is looking over you and your family with a smile on his face because he is in a place overflowing with love and happiness. Please take comfort in knowing that he is now doing God's work. Bless you and your family!!!
  3. Chris Coffee

    Fisher and Minelab For Sale

    Sorry gentlemen. I have been real busy and haven't been able to get to the boards much. The GB pro and the 705 are both gone. However, I do have another bundle for sale in the classifieds for those who may be interested in a coin/relic machine.
  4. Thanks Mike, I will look into them. Have seen commercials about them and they seem reasonable. After picking up our Explorer and hitting the beach, I am also looking for someone, dealer or otherwise, who would trade me a few machines and accessories for the truck, as well.
  5. These ARE awesome little trucks, guys. I have had a blast with mine. it's been on numerous hunting trips, both nugget and big game. Don't really want to get rid of it, but I need a really good set of off-road tires for my Ram ($1,505 for BFG All-Terrain T/A KO's). Plus this will help fund a couple more trips to Az. in the future. Truck runs great and gets good gas mileage. Will go just about anywhere.
  6. 2003 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a 3.9L V6 engine, 5-Speed manual transmission, with only 105,000 miles on it. It has A/C, Sliding Rear Window, Pioneer Stereo, 4-Wheel ABS, Dual Airbags, Power Steering, Power Brakes, and All-Weather Vinyl Flooring. I had the following repairs done recently: New Heads, New Water Pump, New Drive Axles, New Tires, New Plugs and Wires, New Clutch, Cooling System Flush, Complete Fluid Services, New Battery, New Serpentine Belt, New Brakes, and New K&N Filter. Truck has 105,000 miles on it but still runs very strong. Clean Title in hand and passes smog without a problem. Interior is in excellent condition with no rips or tears. Also has a engine skid plate. Asking $4,999 OBO. Call or text Chris at 760-985-7075 or 760-307-5054. Located in Barstow, Ca.
  7. Chris Coffee

    Detector Stores

    Thanks Roger. Good luck to you, too!
  8. Chris Coffee

    Detector Stores

    Roger.... I don't expect anyone to pay new price for used stuff, but: Gold Bug Pro - $649.99 Koss Headphones - $95 Fisher Soft Bag - $49.99 5x10 Gold Bug Pro Elliptical Coil - $179.99 Hodan Pro Pick - $79.95 Elliptical Coil Cover - $19.99 ( I couldn't believe how freaking expensive that thing was) 5" Round Coil Cover - $8.99 Total = $1,083.90 That total is before taxes, which in my state is 7.75%. So I think my $550 asking price is well within you $150-$200 hit range. I found a dealer here in California that said he may be able to just trade me straight across for the Explorer. Chris is also supposed to get back to me on Monday so I will see what happens. I will try to deal with Chris first and then go from there.
  9. I noticed that he did place it in the classifieds as well, and he also posted in a thread in a constructive manner. So I hereby apologize for jumping to conclusions as to his intentions on the forums. Welcome to the boards zman555.
  10. Would anyone be able to tell me if there are any detector stores out there that take trade-ins on new units? I have called a bunch here relatively close but haven't been able to find one. Thanks in advance.
  11. Chris Coffee

    Minelab GPX-4500 Metal Detector

    Hey Todd, Just curious why your hone number is different in each of your listings?
  12. Chris Coffee

    King Snake

    That would definitely be interesting to have watched.
  13. Not that my opinion means a whole lot, but I agree with you, Frank! I am going to run out right now and buy.....some Ruffles or something, but it sure as hell wont be his book!
  14. Jeff, Your 11" Mono Commander went out today as promised. The USPS Delivery Confirmation Number is: 03113260000165331548. It will show up on the site later this evening according to the clerk. Thanks again and looking forward to a smooth transaction. Chris