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  1. It come back to the old saying dig everything. Even without discrimination some targets (gold) will sound terrible or break up just like trash. I have found lots of nugs under and next to trash.
  2. I have put my Lab through this training and its works! One thing to keep in mind is that each different snake has a different odor,so if you are in a different part of the country that has a different rattler it might or might not work with that one. The trainer that I used had 4 different ones.
  3. There are lot of areas within 10-15 miles of Barstow that contain good gold. At least there used to be, haven't been there since the 80's. Fred: the goldstone area has good gold like you said but you have to be careful that a bomb or a 50 cal. don't get dropped on you. They go outside their shooting and bombing range sometimes.
  4. I was walking along a creek trail panning in Mariposa Ca. once just after a snow storm and there was a buzz tail trying to warm up in the sun. He was very lethargic but was still able to strike. Lucky for me I was a lot quicker in those day and was able to avoid it. Anyways, they are out all year even if you don't think so.
  5. They would make nice cabs for jewelry if you know anyone that does that.
  6. masher

    gold screamer

    Doc, What size coil are you using? It seems that the bigger size coil I use the less time I get on the batteries!
  7. Great book Ray! Sorry i didn't know about the book signing on Saturday or I would of been there! Joe
  8. Received mine already! Its a very interesting and informative book, I think everyone will enjoy it. Just good reading.
  9. Hey Dain, I have hunted that area for over 35 years and have used lots of detectors and found gold with them all. I have a modded 4000 now, and my choice of coils is the commander 11" mono which I have no problem using there. Like you say there are lots of hot rocks there but you can tell the difference in the sound. My friend uses a 12" nugget finder and loves it on his 5000, but I and a few of my friends have had nugget finder advantage coils that have come apart and got water in them and don't work anymore so I am backing off of them because they don't stand behind their product. Good luck with what ever coil you decide on. Joe
  10. Its hard to believe that a piece of gold that heavy would float to the top of a rice patty. Anyway, Good for him. I guess I've been told! "There are no rice patties in that part of China" There is no humor either. Sorry if I offended anyone!
  11. You will like your new battery setup. The only thing I don/t care for is that with the Koss UR 30 headphones that come with the GPX's, the cord is to short and when you stand up the cord unplugs.
  12. The longer shaft weather its the upper or lower helps with false signals from shoes belt buckles etc. Its get the coil farther away from yourself. Its also good for reaching out to places you can't reach with the regular shaft and cover more area.
  13. You know that the comparisons were made with a 14" to an 11". There is a big difference in coil sizes. So the 40% might not be that! Just my thoughts.