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  1. Learning curve on the 5000!! I need non metal boots?? Where in Las vegas can I find them??.. LMAO my Whites V3 never told me I had metal on my feet!! Went to gold Basin for the trial and had a great afternoon there, "What a beautiful place!!" Found three brass 22 cases and a 38 special and 2 hotrocks. I would also like to thank Chris for getting my order out so fast. Your vidio is great, I will watch it many times before I am satisfied I got the bigger picture.
  2. Just like to thank you both for the info! Just got my GPX 5000 today and looking forward to some adventure here. At some time is our lives we are new at doing something. With the help of others we don,t have to re-envent the wheel we can just strap it on and H.A.!!! Thank you!
  3. I just moved here to the world from Alaska.I find I am lost with everything I need to learn here. Just purchased a new 5000 and would love to find a first nugget. And would be grateful for advice on a place to go in the basin and is it ok to use my rhino ATV to travel the roads and open washes.? Don't want to get in trouble or make people angry with me for being ignorant to the rules. AK_JP