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  1. Thanks for the Kudos The "Heart of Gold" weighs in 7.27 grams or 4.67 dwt. You guys are all right, would make a very special pendandt. I am leaning towards a wrap mount, don't want to change the character of the nugget. Fred Mason was with me and helped dig it, he was just about as excited as I was. It is the prettiest nugget I have ever found. Norm McQ
  2. Nice gold and a mean looking snake Dick! With the high temps in Az now, that gold must have been close to the melting point. WTG Norm
  3. Shep's rock has some very white quartz. Steve will make it into something that will be a one of a kind beauty. A very nice find! Specific gravity tests are sometimes very misleading. The one in the picture was done by three different people and all came up with the same calculation, A minus amount of gold!
  4. Shep, did you do a specific gravity test on it? It felt like it had a lot more than I could see. Norm
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All. Special thanks to Sourdough Scott for the ornament! Norm McQ
  6. That find is what dreams are made of! Congratulations to the finder. Norm McQ
  7. I did the download last night, had a few problems but got it done. I went out for about 3 hours today and gave it a test run. I was quite pleased with the new program. Where I was hunting, the machine was much more stable, with less falseing and I think it was a little more sensitive. I purposefully went over the same area that I covered last week just to see if I could find anything. I found several small metal fragments and two nuggets for 2.26 dwt. Norm McQ
  8. Norm

    Her first Gold!

    WTG Hailey You are now probably infected with the dreaded "Gold Fever" I sure wish that I had started at your age. Congratulations on your first nugget! Norm McQ
  9. Kelley R.I.P. I was fortunate to have met and been around him at a few outings. I didn't get the chance to detect with him, but I sure enjoyed his stories. He was also very generous. At one outing he donated some copper specimens for raffle prizes and I was lucky enough to win one. I will always cherish it. Norm McQ
  10. Just ordered my copy last night, looking forward to get it. Norm McQ