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    Prospecting, Hunting
  1. Suspect Most Likely purchased multiple weapons during FAST AND FURIOUS gun giveaway. Tony
  2. TonyR

    Freshly Dug Gold!

    Ah, it's so nice to see nuggets like these being found. Congratz to the finders, and thanks for posting the pictures to share. Tony
  3. Wow, that's a sweet find! Good chance there may be more of them, its not worn down that much. Thanks for sharing. Tony
  4. Kyle, How come ice-cream has no bones? Tony
  5. Hey Jen, that is really nice. Thanks for posting it. Tony
  6. Chris, your PM box is not accepting any mail, I also would like some information and a application. Thank You Tony
  7. I have run into this before, sounds like they are really Paranoid about something? Armed and running people off, they are up to something. Growing WEED? Pushing dirt and people around, get someone with a badge out there, aggressive behavior is very suspicious of illegal activity.
  8. Its got to be true, it's online. I shure hope they help us dig.
  9. Aw dang Norm, that is a nice NUG! Thanks for sharing with us all. Tony
  10. TonyR

    Get Well Soon

    Walt, a speedy recovery to you! When I broke my Ribs I wore my back brace between my T-shirt and undershirts. It helped keep them still. Tony
  11. Ted, the Desert Gold Diggers are a local club! They have a bunch of claims around the area, good bunch of people at DGD. Tony
  12. Nice Gold you have there Beatup! Looks like a great place to stay cool. Thanks for sharing the pics. Tony
  13. Brent, being out with your dad that's the best! Finding gold that makes it a really great time. Congratz Tony