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  1. Is there an existing charger that will fit the Minelab Golden Hawk?
  2. Thanks! We just gotta keep on truckin'

  3. Hey Welcome to the excercize group and good luck The Farmer

  4. Oldpro

    1 Day-er

    I too have an older 11X17 NF elliptical coil with spokes. It hangs up on every little sage bush. Where would a person get a full skid plate for it?
  5. Oldpro

    1 Day-er

    good job Gus! Sent you an e-mail today Check it out!
  6. Hello to all you gold prospectors out there! I'm a wannabe

  7. Oldpro

    Nevada Hunt

    Me and my new partner Paul from Oregon, met you guys there also. The info all of you offered us was fantastic. Meeting Bob for the first time was also a great experience. Who would have thought that all you "pros" would be there just when we scheduled a trip? Thanks again for all the help, and especially Bob for setting up my 5000 for Northern Nevada gold. I will never touch those settings! LOL