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  1. When I was still land surveying some years ago, I seem to recall there was a separate fee charged on the recording of property (land parcels) here in California, which was supposed to be use for the restoration of property (land) corners. I think the monies were to be used by the county surveyor/grandfathered engineer or to hire a private professional surveyor to restore property corners destroyed by government actions like, road building and maintenance, other construction. I believe this also included government land corners which may help the county or state in their administration of certain land issues. Lipca? Mike
  2. Did anyone hear if there has been a winner. I had a pretty good story and would like to hear others. Mike
  3. delnorter

    Future Prospectors!

    Wow, really great Chris. I'm sure you enjoyed this as much or more than the children. It puts a smile on my face. Mike
  4. Hey Chris, sounds and looks like you folks had a great time. Good for you. Mike
  5. delnorter

    Early mining camp hunt

    Thanks for the wisdom on not cleaning old coins guys. I kind of suspected as much but wasn't sure. Mike
  6. delnorter

    Early mining camp hunt

    That's just a neat find Chris. Does a person clean up a coin like this? Mike
  7. I came across a brand new Gold Bug 2 at a garage sale today. I have the guys name number if anyone is interested. He is asking $500.00 for it. Located here is Crescent City, Ca. Mike
  8. Wow, great photos Chris. It sure sounds like a neat vacation. Was it a package type trip? Would you recommend it for most folks. Any other information you'd like to share would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  9. Hey ya, happy birthday Chris hope you had a great day Mike
  10. delnorter

    Detecting an Old Property

    Nice coin. A while back I was considering buying one of the gold centennial Mercury dimes, but they're pretty proud of them. Truly a thing of beauty though. Mike
  11. delnorter

    Detecting an Old Property

    Nice finds guys. I always did like those mercury dimes. Mike
  12. delnorter

    Think its a button?

    Cool find Chris. It looks kind of like a drop of molten lead. Perhaps melted lead dropped onto a surface which transferred a little of the surface pattern onto the "bottom" of the button. The "top" has a kind of expanding wave like circular character. It'd be neat to try to replicate. Mike
  13. Dave, does this include a hand crank? Mike
  14. Really nice find and 2' deep, wow. Mike
  15. delnorter

    His First Trip Out!

    Real nice Chris. Your customers are getting quality equipment and advice. Thanks for forwarding the many examples of folks successes. Congratulations to the finders. Mike