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  1. shasta gold hunter

    A good day out

    Nice work Mike! Congratulations.
  2. Sounds challenging, good luck Mike.
  3. shasta gold hunter


    Thx. Nice gold also... you're on a tear!
  4. shasta gold hunter


    Which detector are you using the EVO on?
  5. shasta gold hunter

    Broke in the new EVO.

    Please try not to stare...that's great! First nugget I've seen posted that made the finder embarrassed. Was it laying or standing when you found it? Lol, Nice find!
  6. shasta gold hunter

    Now that is brushy!

    I think I know right where he was! Lol
  7. shasta gold hunter

    Nokta's Au Gold Finder in action!

    Nice video Chris! Thanks for sharing!
  8. shasta gold hunter

    A sole trip...

    Nice going Ray!
  9. shasta gold hunter

    Some pictures...

    Wow! Productive day!
  10. I am going to visit a buddy in bullhead...I have found that his area is rich, but mostly load in deep shafts. Silver Creek is mentioned repeatedly for placer, but I can't find specifics as to if it holds detectable gold or fines...any help would be greatly appreciated. I know it is not too far from gold basin but this Creek is accessible by utv from his house so trying to get info on that area... Thanks. Matt
  11. shasta gold hunter

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!
  12. shasta gold hunter

    Merry Christmas Gold Bugs

    Merry Christmas! Nicely done.
  13. shasta gold hunter

    New Coil = New Nuggets

    Nice! Evolution?