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  1. Rex Goliath

    Excalibur 2 Beach Hunt

    Hi Terry I'm On the west Coast it's not always good?.
  2. Rex Goliath

    Excalibur 2 Beach Hunt

    Good Morning Gold Nugget I have been Disappointed trying to find both Ear rings sereral times.
  3. It's Been a while 2 Post. From Easter weekend till 4-24-16 Finds on My Best Places to Treasure in Dry Sand ?.
  4. Been a while for the beach hunt since I.Live blocks away from It. People don't where the good stuff any more!. I see the changes Thank you ABOMA !!!...
  5. Im so Glad someone Know what this Large Black Rock was OBAMANITIE!!!. It's Goind on e-bay for $100.00 @ Gram. Thanks for Naming the worthless Rock ?.
  6. This Rock is 5lbs. Plus. The wash I found it in there is a picture of it. Friend was dry wasing while I was Metal Detecting with GPX 5000. there was small amounts of fine gold.
  7. Found in high desert CA. in wash no other rocks like it around ?..
  8. Where is the SPOT Frank.
  9. Rex Goliath

    trip to Q

    Mitchel most likle Feb 2013 . Some of the groupe will be there I Hope. alone is not a good thing. you have my e-mail add.
  10. Rex Goliath

    trip to Q

    Hi Mitchel & Shep . The Beach hunt at the secret beach is in bad shape. No one is loosing gold. Went sunday morning to the secret beach $ 4.00 Quarters . 2 pinneys. 1 nickel. 1 bic liter. 1 gold adapter for stereo. 2 bottel caps.1 nine volt battery. 2 beer cans. 1 3/4 inch pin from tractor sifter. all in 1 1/2 hours. the Volley ball courts are just as bad. I had more fun at Quartsite Last weekend With Doc Parsons / Richard / Shep. Cant wait for next time.
  11. Hello Bunk. ill be there with some chicken for the Bar-B-Que.
  12. Rex Goliath

    Lucky Double D Find

    Went Back to My Secret Beach Found 1 Nice Ring .1 Tiffany Lock. and some Junk. see Pic. 2nd picture the new beach after a wedding party wasen't good ?.
  13. Rex Goliath

    Lucky Double D Find

    Tried New Beach lots of Trash. 1 Silver Ring & Junk. see picture.