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  1. I have used Only Gold in Phoenix they were really good to deal with. Over the internet they require a minimum of 10 oz. of gold for an order or 300 oz. silver with free shipping. Or. they have a store front you can go to in Phoenix and buy just 1 or 2 oz. if you want to. Check em' out. Ardie
  2. Goldfinger

    Leaving for Oz Tomorrow

    Howdy Chris, Tell Bob and your Dad I said hello! Stop by at the pub in Dunolly, the old hotel, those people are great. I still don't remember how I got back to the caravan park after I left there. I do remember the owner thanked me for coming in, she said I added a lot of color to the place (I think that's good?). Anyway, have a blast and don't dolly those specey's! Ardie
  3. Goldfinger

    Specimens Worth Saving...

    Hey, I wondered where I left my leather bag! HeHeHe! Goldfinger Hey, I wondered where I left my leather bag! HeHeHe! Goldfinger
  4. Goldfinger


    Howdy, Joe's correct about the safety equipment and now the DMV doesn't even verify that the equipment is installed, they make you sign it's on the vehicle. In the old days they use to carefully inspect your atv before issuing a plate, Not anymore. The amount charged to register the atv depends on the bluebook value of the quad being registered. I just registered a new '06, they didn't care what I paid for it, they went to the book and charged me by MSRP. Soooo, the more it's worth the more you get to support the government and it goes down as your quad gets older. That being said, regardless of what we have to pay it's great to be able to ride on the streets to get to a riding spot without having to hide. Note: Other states won't honor you Arizona street legal status unless they have the same law. Happy Riding, Goldfinger
  5. Howdy Guys, That's interesting information, thanks. I had heard if you belonged to a gun club and shot a certain amount of rounds a month you could own a gun but I didn't know the rest of that. One gentlemen I met in Dunolly was real bitter about having to turn in a few guns his grandfather had left him when he passed. Evidently they didn't fit into the criteria you had mentioned but I didn't know the details at the time I talked to him. Over here if you shoot somebody in self defense you better be able to prove your life was threatened. Also, if you can prove it and no charges are filed against you the crook can still take you to civil court and sue you for big money and very possibly win. Soooo, I guess your alive but now you can't afford to live. You just can't win! You guys enjoy your cool weather over there in Australia, I hope to be able to come back over there again some time, it's beautiful! Thanks for the information, I'm always willing to learn! Goldfinger
  6. Mr. Down Your Throat, When I was in Australia we had several heated conversations around the campfire about gun control. I paid close attention to what was being said, it appeared to be about a 60% for guncontrol and 40% against gun control. They were great converations and some of them a little heated. The one thing I remember the most is one of the stongest opinionated anti-gunners telling me the only thing he had against American's is we waited so long to help Australia during World War 2. Us crazy Americans with our rights and freedoms and yes guns, will always be there to defend other countries in need. But while our young men and women are away from home defending other countries we will always be able to defend ourselves and country if needed and not depend on the government or anyone else! We love you Aussies and we love our rights and freedoms as Americans that we are able to exercise here! Please respect that! I apologize to anyone this forum this offends. The first time I saw something like this on here I had to tie my hands to keep from replying. This time I couldn't help myself. Ardie
  7. Goldfinger

    A Birthday in the Hills!

    Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve and many more to come!!!! And as for you Junior, I'll have you know 51 ain't all that old!!!!!!! (HeHeHe)! Ardie
  8. Happy Birthday buddy! And many more great ones to come! Ardie
  9. Goldfinger

    Australia ???

    Howdy, I have been on one of Doug's trips also and would strongly reccommend him. He seems to have a knack for parking right on top of the gold. He'll pick you up at the airport and drop you off when you're done. That way you don't have to try to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road. His crew cooks the food and does the dishes so all you need to worry about is yourself and your prospecting equipment. I can't say enough good about him and his crew! Ardie Jones
  10. Goldfinger

    Eye opener

    Hi Y'all, I'd just like to say I am very open minded and haven't formed an opinion yet on the 2 different coil manufacturers. So, saying that, lets go to that patch in Mexico and let me give it a try. It looks like a good one Bob! I NEED MORE GOLD! (He He He) Ardie
  11. I was told it came from California, maybe Northern. If nothing major comes up I'll see you at the get together. Ardie
  12. I had trouble selling it so I finally traded out of it. I ended up being a little short of what I wanted for it but I like the Nuggie! It's a little under 2 Oz.. Ardie
  13. The 3 day week-end seems like the perfect time to me. Ardie
  14. Hi Bob, I had no problems at all. When I showed the Customs guys the nuggies in Los Angeles they called all their buddies over to look and it turned in to a show and tell session. The only problem I had was with security in Los Angeles. I had them in a plastic film container and this lady thought only film was suppose to be in those containers. She yelled across to her supervisor at the top of her lungs and said "This guy says these are gold nuggets". This isn't exactly what you want someone to yell in the middle of a crowd in L.A. They let me through after a little discussion but I was a lot nervous for a while after that. Also, there is a book by Peter Heydelaar called, "Successful Nugget Hunting" volume 1. This book is a little old but covers many of the concerns of the prospector going to Australia for the first time. Including bringing your gold back to the U.S. Have fun, Ardie