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    Cars, Motorcycles, Firearms, Prospecting and coin shooting. Aviation and flying. Reading, and my family.
  1. neshomamench

    New Look for Forum

    I like it and cant say enough how much I appreciate the work but I do miss the daily gold graph at the bottom. I thought that was an outstanding feture.
  2. neshomamench

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Indeed! Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.
  3. neshomamench


    If you consider all that was stacked agains Bush, It was a stunning victory. A mandate if you will. They had the TV and major newspaper media in the tank for them. A constant bashing of Bush and never a hard question for Kerry. The media kept up their fraud even during the vote count. They still lost. They had all the TV and movie "stars" pushing for them. An anti Bush movie was produced and distributed free of cost to the Kerry campaign. They still lost. They had the vote of every Kerry supporter and also the votes of those who just didn't like Bush because of the 2000 election. They still lost. They broke records in new voter registration, legal and otherwise. They still lost. They had the luxury of second guessing all the decisions made by a wartime administration. They still lost. They had the abbility to parade a body count of American fighting men and women befor the public, blaming Bush for their deaths. AND it needs to be said the Military overwhelmingly voted for Bush. They had the support of almost all the "world leaders" including the UN. In other words, they had every advantage in getting their message out and they still didn't get as many votes as Bush. Without half of the above spin and support they had on all the issues against Bush, This election would have been a LANDSLIDE for Bush. God Bless America!
  4. neshomamench


    I dont know anyone on this board but I hope to someday when I get to Arizona for some gold searching. I have learned more from just reading the posts on this forum than anywhere else. I would like to thank all involved with this forum for that. Grumps, What is wrong with you man? Why the need to slander JP? You act like he stole your lunch money. I enjoy his posts and in someways I live vicariously through him and his outback exploits. Thats a pretty powerful thing considering it's free. If you think he is such a jackass, Offer us something better or return to the JV bench where you belong. Neshomamench
  5. That is a magnificent looking specimen. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Outstanding Pics and a great looking dog. I cant wait to get to Prescott over the holidays.
  7. neshomamench

    Rich Hill Pistol

    Thats a neat and interesting find!
  8. neshomamench

    hey Neshomamench...

    Thanks guys. I have my in-laws from Prescott in town. I took them to the Alamo, and then they took me out to a great meal. All in all it has been a great day.
  9. This is why we need a general topics forum. It would serve as a place to corral the hit and run posters.
  10. neshomamench

    Man found dead

    Very sad. Do you have a link to the story?
  11. Would the backup detector be another Minelab 3000? and why the MXT?
  12. If you had an unlimited budget and the free time to pursue the hobby in any way you see fit, What would your dream set up be? What equipment would you buy and why? The only parameters I would like to set for this exercise would be; consider your only real limitations to be manpower. The assumption would be that only you and perhaps another such as a child, friend or spouse would be your partner. Please fell free to include secondary equipment such as 4 wheelers, camping equipment, RV and transportation considerations, Back up equipment and anything else you think would enhance your dream prospecting situation. So.....Before you lies an open catalog and a checkbook that never runs dry. What would you do to fill the proverbial Prospectors tool box of your dreams and what motivated you to make those choices? Neshomamench This should be interesting
  13. neshomamench

    Did I find gold?

    Thanks Deserdog and Montana. As I said, this was my first time ever to go look for gold and I had to wait for my gold pan to come in a few days later in the mail to pan through my bucket. Hell, It was the first time I ever held a gold pan. I have bought a few books and have worn the corners off of a few Gold prospector magazines but all of that is theory. There I was, with black sands and some gold looking substrate at the bottom of the pan. Just like I had read would be the result of my efforts. I am not sure how that constitutes ignorance, fraud or some form of deceptive practice......but to each their own I guess. I am pleased to know that some of it was indeed gold. Thank you to all who walked me down the path I needed to find the answer I was looking for. Wonder what I will happen if I ask a question about the best colors for gold Pans? At the rate I am going around here someone will accuse me of being the second gunman on the grassy knoll and last known person to talk to Jimmy Hoffa. Neshomamench AKA D.B.Cooper
  14. neshomamench

    Did I find gold?

    I have claimed absolutely NOTHING other than to be a person that is new to gold prospecting and wishes to learn about it. Anything you think I have portrayed is your opinion. What exactly is your point? That my writing style arouses feelings of such inferiority in you that you feel the need to call me a fraud or start making inferences as to what my motives are when I post gold prospecting related questions on a forum dedicated to gold prospecting? And so you know.....this is my last response to you on this matter. You started it. It was unsolicited and I had not goaded you in anyway. It has been made clear especially as of late, that the purpose of this forum is the discussion of gold prospecting. I will abide by that rule. Neshomamench Here for the primary purpose of learning about prospecting....The guy who doesn't think so is the one off topic.