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  1. Hey Mike I might be able to make it depends what's going on I'll keep you informed. Miss you guys and would be great to meet up again for some old stories and find some gold. Also Id like to make some kind of donation for giveaways and as the outing get closer I'll give Chris a call to set that up. Talk soon and take care. Rick
  2. Yeah very sad to hear it as well he will be missed I too met up with Kelly at the AZO Quartzite outting. Heck of a nice guy loved looking at his copper nuggets as well as listening to his great stories. He will be missed take care my friend. Rick
  3. nuggetnut

    First Time's a Charm

    Nice find for the first piece congrats way to go.
  4. nuggetnut

    Got Hand-Stacking?

    Some of the old placer mines we worked we in Oregon last yr. Some of these piles were as high as 20' and ran for miles it was just amazing.
  5. Gus Really nice gold thanks for sharing. Rick
  6. nuggetnut

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Hey Mike Happy birthday glad to see your still swinging the coil. Rick
  7. Sweet specimen thanks for sharing.
  8. Yeah Gus is a great guy and buyer he might be interested give him a call, good call Kelly.
  9. Mike Not going to make it as I have plans to go to Idaho and Oregon at the end of the month for a two week detecting trip. Hopefully we can get together for the next outing. Talk soon. Rick
  10. nuggetnut

    California Specie

    Mike I agree sweet specimen and congrats to the finder, Chris thanks for the post. Rick
  11. nuggetnut

    Australia 2014

    Hey Kelly Love the story's and pics also sounds like you had fun and time does fly when that happens. Hopefully well get together at the next outing this winter and find some gold and can't wait to hear some more stories from down under. Talk soon Rick.
  12. Beautiful Gold great time what more could you ask for thanks for sharing. Rick.
  13. nuggetnut

    To Dolly or Not to Dolly

    Hey Kelly Glad to see you had a great time and found gold too congrats. Love to see some more pics take care. Rick
  14. nuggetnut

    Just Went Wireless

    Mike Most likely will be going to the outing this winter and can't wait to see you guys again. I have already made plans and reservations for a two week outing in Idaho and Oregon with a forum buddy at the end of Sept first of oct hopefully things will be cooled off by then. Until then keep us posted on any finds and watch out for snakes. Talk soon . Rick
  15. nuggetnut

    Just Went Wireless

    Hey Mike Thanks for the info sounds like a great setup. Does that mean you have couple of batteries your not using? If so and you want to sell them send me a pm as I'm interested in buying a spare or two. Talk soon . Rick
  16. nuggetnut

    Check out this Specie!

    Nice specimen congrats to the finder and thanks Chris for posting an image. Rick
  17. nuggetnut

    Sweet Specimen!

    Gus Sweet Specimen you always seem to find, locate some really nice specimens. How much did I weigh? Rick
  18. Great video Chris looks like a great little machine thanks for sharing. Rick
  19. nuggetnut


    Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics keep us posted as soon as you can. Rick
  20. Hi Chris Awesome video thanks for posting it and keep them coming. Up here in Maine we still have 4 ft of snow and can't get out just yet maybe by July. Talk soon . Rick
  21. Show us your specimens this 4.5 oz specimen I did not find myself but bought from a very successful prospector a while back. Specific Gravity test with 1.87 oz of Gold. Rick