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    Favorite Detector - GPZ 7000 With 14" & 19" coils.
    Favorite backup Detector - GPX4500 with NF 17"x13" EVO Coil.
    Plus - X-TERRA 705 - GOLD BUG

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  1. Hey Chris, Good advice. I wear mine year round! Not just for snakes, they keep The cactus out of my legs too!
  2. Looks like you guys had lots of fun in spite of the rain. Sure a dirty hand holding that silver dime.
  3. dick ward


    Way to go FRANK! I’m glad the machine and the coils are working well for you. I haven’t been out for about 3 months. Its just been too darn hot to be much fun. Come on cool weather.
  4. dick ward


    Darn, I was hoping for some cool weather prospecting. It’s way too hot here for detecting to be fun.
  5. Hey there northern Arizona prospectors. Did the monsoon rains uncover any fresh Gold? How about some pictures?
  6. dick ward

    Customer's first Find!

    Congratulations!! What a great first find.
  7. Great pictures Chris thank you. I believe the short cannon is called a Trunnion Carronade.
  8. dick ward


    Thank you Chris you are so right. As fathers we have been given great blessing and a great responsibility.
  9. dick ward

    Gold from the caliche

    Way to go Chris. Digging through that caliche is a real chore.
  10. dick ward


    Hello Ron, Western States Prospecting Association is still active. Most of us swing metal detectors. For membership information you might try contacting Driller Dave. Dave Held, WSPA V. P. dheld5000@gmail.com
  11. I agree! My personal experience is: I sold my 4000, bought a 4500 and a nugget finder evolution mono coil from AZO. That combination is lighter than a 7000 and performance in the field is almost as good.
  12. Interesting video, and very well done. Thank you for posting the link Jennifer.
  13. dick ward

    Great weekend hunt!

    Call Chris G. for a an experienced GPX4000