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  1. Hello Chris, A friend of mine found a similar chunk in the Quartzsite area. Another friend found and slabbed the pictured piece in the Gold Basin area. I too would like to know what kind of rock it is.
  2. Any verifiable increase in performance over the MInelab eleven inch? Thank you.
  3. dick ward

    Pharaoh's golden smile

    Hummmmm Yes, very interesting but I too would have to pass.
  4. Yep, the GPX 7000 is too heavy and too expensive but It sure does a great job of finding gold.
  5. dick ward

    Veteran's Day

    Thank you. Dick Ward USMC
  6. dick ward

    Gorgeous AZ Specimen!

    Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to the finder.
  7. I really like those Chris. If you find out more about them please post. It’s still too darn hot for me to get out and detect.
  8. dick ward

    Some Fun Au Facts

    A little 1/2 gram nugget gets me going and makes my day! I don’t give a hoot how many atoms it has.
  9. dick ward

    Freshly Dug Desert Gold!

    Social distancing at its very best!! Way to go, beautiful bunch of nuggets.
  10. DON’T GO DOWN THERE!! Hard to believe that I was dumb enough to go sampling in old shafts. I found a few specimens but took way to many chances.
  11. OK. I’ll give it a slow start. A bit hard to find pictures. No cell phone cameras and oh yes no cell phones either. Here I’m setting up to test my new (home built) dry washer in the mountains east of San Diego. Machine worked fine, found gold and had fun.
  12. Aaaahhh the good old days when we were young, skinny and the nuggets were easier to find. Great pictures Rob and Chris sure fun to look, at thank you both. I may scan some on my old pictures and post them.
  13. Looks like double trouble and you both still look like kids to me. Keep on having fun.
  14. That’s a pretty rough Nugget to trash ratio you have going there. . Good looking gold.
  15. Thanks Chris, cool video & good looking nuggets!
  16. I like the sitting duck nugget at 3 o’clock on the scale. 🤪
  17. Way to go Bob be sure and post a picture of your next nuggets.
  18. The upgrade was quick and easy. Even for an old slow guy like me.
  19. Congratulations to you and Dean. First hunt first gold, can’t beat that!