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  1. dick ward

    Almost an Ounce!

    congratulations and thanks for the pictures
  2. Makes me wish I still had my GPX!
  3. PLEASE REMEMBER THESE MEN AND THEIR FAMILIES. Six years ago they lost their lives protecting others by fighting the Yarnell hill fire. Chris Gholson, AZO/Minelab donated a detector and organized a raffle to benefit the families. I thank him and all those who contributed.
  4. dick ward

    Backyard Surprise!

    When I was a kid in Arizona we called them red racers. They are non-venomous. As a kid I got bitten by one that I grabbed too far behind the head. They are very quick.
  5. dick ward

    Backyard Surprise!

    A thank you to everyone for posting the pictures. Give a look but give them their space. This old Arizona guy lets them alone but I won’t share a camp with um.
  6. dick ward

    Backyard Surprise!

    Really cool pictures Chris. Thanks
  7. dick ward

    Back from Mexico!

    THANK YOU CHRIS for the fascinating travelogue and pictures. Looks like you guys had a great family vacation.
  8. El Camino del Diablo — a dirt road that cuts through 130 miles of saguaro-studded desert between Yuma and Ajo, Ariz. along the US-Mexico border. This picture is of the grave of Dave O'Neill, a prospector who died along the trail in 1916.
  9. Thank you! Those numbers are truly staggering. We should be aware of and grateful to all those who sacrificed.
  10. BLM, Forest Service and other Government agencies. Many of the people in the bottom layer of the bureaucracy have common sense and good intent. I believe that if they were in charge things might be done much differently.
  11. Hi Frank, No not there now, I haven’t been there for a long time. My first time in the area was prospecting with my grandfather in 1957. The last time was in the late 1970’s. There is gold down there, on both sides, of the border. Not much water ‘tho so take your BIGGEST canteen.
  12. dick ward

    12" Evo @ 82

  13. dick ward

    Close to 4-Ounces!

    And........I wish that I needed a pouch for each nugget!!
  14. Hey Chris, Good advice. I wear mine year round! Not just for snakes, they keep The cactus out of my legs too! ?
  15. Hey there northern Arizona prospectors. Did the monsoon rains uncover any fresh Gold? How about some pictures? ?
  16. Looks like you guys had lots of fun in spite of the rain. Sure a dirty hand holding that silver dime. ?
  17. dick ward


    Way to go FRANK! I’m glad the machine and the coils are working well for you. I haven’t been out for about 3 months. Its just been too darn hot to be much fun. Come on cool weather. ?
  18. dick ward


    Darn, I was hoping for some cool weather prospecting. It’s way too hot here for detecting to be fun. ?
  19. dick ward

    Customer's first Find!

    Congratulations!! What a great first find. ?
  20. Great pictures Chris thank you. I believe the short cannon is called a Trunnion Carronade.
  21. dick ward


    Thank you Chris you are so right. As fathers we have been given great blessing and a great responsibility.
  22. dick ward

    Gold from the caliche

    Way to go Chris. Digging through that caliche is a real chore.