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  1. Congratulations! Your persistence sure paid off! That is a beautiful specimen.
  2. Sure beats the skunk! Nice specimen.
  3. GET OUT AND FIND SOMETHING! I’ll post a bunch of pictures and see if I can’t get something started. Here is crazy Bill in his AZO hat holding a 7+ ounce nugget. If he can find gold anyone can. Come on, Someone post a few goofy pictures.
  4. dick ward

    Early mining camp hunt

    That nickle looks great Chris. I have never found a US coin from the 1800's. I'd swap my next nugget for a find like that. ?
  5. My thanks also! I was being lazy and putting it off. It is done now, off to the post office in the morning. Certified and return receipt both.
  6. Wishes and prayers and fingers crossed. Most of all everyone safe!
  7. Hey there Chris, glad you and the family are home safe. Looks like Costa Rica was really a lot of fun. Thank you for the pictures.
  8. Thank you for the information. That's what the forums need. A little show and tell, some bragging and the sharing of information.
  9. Me too, just saying.
  10. Congratulations to you anonymous! That is a good looking nugget.
  11. Hello Chris As you know my GPZ 7000 spends a lot of time in the field and things do wear out! It was great to call you at lunchtime Thursday and receive my order on Saturday. I will be out detecting again early Monday with your new Nugget Finder coil cover on my 19" Minelab coil. Thank you for the quick service. Dick
  12. dick ward

    Fun day in the field

    Way to play in the rain! Congratulations on the Arizona gold.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS What a day! That's what keeps us all going.
  14. Thanks to Chris we got to see your pictures. Looks like you had to dig for that one Mike. Good looking nugget!
  15. Wait to go Mike. Good luck in Quartzsite.
  16. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIND! Those eveloution coils sure improve a GPX.
  17. dick ward

    Congratulations Norm!

    Hey Norm, Congratulations on the fantastic nugget and on earning find of the month form mine lab. That story is a perfect example of how important it is to experiment and learn how to get the best out of your detector. By the way did Heather grab that heart yet? ? Congrats again, Dick
  18. Way to go Chris. Nice nuggets and the spider picture is great.
  19. dick ward

    New Boots

    The Reabok boots that I purchased look just like those Chris. They are Reebok number RB8895. Very comfortable but even though they are sold as metal free, they set off my detector. If you buy that model number be sure and check them with your detector before you start wearing them.
  20. G O L D. not golf. Darn automatic spell check!
  21. Oh my gosh, I feel a bout of golf fever coming on big time. Have you booked your flight yet Chris?