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    New Boots

    The Reabok boots that I purchased look just like those Chris. They are Reebok number RB8895. Very comfortable but even though they are sold as metal free, they set off my detector. If you buy that model number be sure and check them with your detector before you start wearing them.
  2. G O L D. not golf. Darn automatic spell check!
  3. Oh my gosh, I feel a bout of golf fever coming on big time. Have you booked your flight yet Chris?
  4. Oh my gosh, I feel a bout of golf fever coming on big time. Have you booked your flight yet Chris?
  5. dick ward

    Finding the Mega Patch!

    I second your opinion Chris. My NF17"x13"EVO is the best all around cool I have ever used. It really does make old patches fun again.
  6. What two things do the most to get your heart really beating fast when you are detecting? Here are a couple of things that get mine up to speed in a hurry. Call Chris for a new pair of SNAKE GUARDZ and wear them! Just so you know, the snake wasn't as nearly as hard to find as the gold was.
  7. Thank you for sharing the travelogue and the super pictures Chris. Sounds like you really enjoyed traveling and exploring with your family.
  8. dick ward


    Good guess Fred. We've got them on both sides of the Colorado river here. In southeastern Clark county, Nevada & northwestern Mohave county, Arizona. When it's real hot like it is now we usually see them early morning or in the evening. They have nasty venom so it's a good idea to wear snake gators and look before you reach down to move a rock.
  9. dick ward


    Not on our claims Mike, we don't have any cute little Mohave Greens there. Not getting out much it's too darn hot! Bring some cool air Bach with you!
  10. Hello Mike, I am on my second coil cover (skid plate) for my 13x17 NF EVO. I re-taped several times before I wore out the coil cover. I tend to "float" (not scrub of course) my GPX coils on the ground when detecting and scrape over or tap against a lot of sharp rocks. I just finished installing a new, heavy duty coil cover on my coil. I will give the procedure that works well for me when re-taping any of my coils and will attach a couple of pictures. First clean the coil and cover. Scrub the area to be taped with alcohol. Apply one wrap of GOOD* electrical tape overlapping the coil/cover joint. Stretch the electrical tape so that it conforms smoothly to the edge radius. This gives a good seal to the joint which I can't get using the non-stretchable coil tape. Wipe the electrical tape well with alcohol then apply the regular coil tape. Even when the regular coil tape gets fuzzy and beat-up like yours is you don't lose your seal on the coil/cover joint. * UNDETECTABLE I hope this is helpful. By the way Chris has the NF heavy duty coil covers in stock for us scrubbers.
  11. Thanks for the information guys. ?
  12. I have found quite a few of these lately while detecting. They seem to be made of aluminum and they give a down signal tone on my GPX. Size is 32mm x 11mm on the intact one. Some kind of blasting caps? Thanks for any information you can give.
  13. dick ward

    My EVO Gold & More Info

    Hey Lumpy, I have used many different coils on my GPX detectors. Minelab, Coiltec & Nuggetfinder from a 12' elliptical to a 25" round. All have worked fine. My everyday, go to coil is now the NF EVO 17"X13". This coil has made my GPX significantly better in several areas. Better resistance to EMI, much better sensitivity to small nuggets (0.05 grams or less) and an improvement in detection depth on nuggets of all sizes. It's not a GPZ 7000 (I wish) but my GPX 4500 with this coil is the best detector/coil combo this poor boy has ever used.
  14. dick ward

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    Congratulations Doc. How 'bout a picture of the new rig.
  15. Chris, Thanks for the super quick service on my order! It was delivered today. :-) Dick
  16. dick ward

    Thanks Chris

    Hey Mike, Pretty sure I got the first NF 17x13 EVO Chris sold. GREAT coil! Sensitive, runs quiet, fights off EMI and it finds lots of nuggets! I used it so much I wore out the skid plate. Best possible coil for a GPX. Go have fun, catch your fish and I'll see you this fall.
  17. Looks likelihood had a fun trip. Thanks for the pictures.
  18. I have both a NF 17x11 & the new 17x13 EVO. I have done testing & a lot of in the field detecting. My results show the new NF 17x13 is significantly better. Seems less sensitive to EMI & hot ground :-) . Much more sensitive to really small nuggets with overall better depth! My advice is call Chris, buy one and find more gold!
  19. Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year to all. Dick
  20. dick ward

    Arizona Evolution Gold!

    NF 17" X 11" ADVANTAGE VS NF 17" X 13" EVOLUTION I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving. Being too full of turkey and too lazy to work, my detecting partner, Mike G., and I are going to give our claims a couple of weeks to rest up. Now that I am back where internet is available, I thought it was time to post some information about my new NF 17"X13" Evolution coil. First, a big thank you to Chris Gholson for getting my new coil to me so quickly. My every-day detector/coil for the last couple of seasons has been a Minelab GPX4000/NF 17"x11" Advantage. This combination has been very reliable and worked well for me. The mono coils seem to be best for the conditions I normally encounter. Depending on the terrain, I may switch to a NF12"x9" or a NF 25". Reading some early results posted on Aussie forums prompted me to order one of the new NF 17"x13" Evolution coils from Chris before they were available in the US. I have now done extensive, side-by-side testing of my old 17"x11" and the new 17"x13". Test patch testing was done by switching coils back and forth on the same detector with the same settings. This was done in two separate test patches using both my GPX4000 and, then, a friend's GPX5000. In both patches the targets were placed using a removable core pipe which allows an almost in situ target environment. Patch #1 is in very mild ground with a smooth surface (perfect detecting). Patch #2 is in hotter ground with a rocky surface and has been in place for years (more realistic detecting). Results showed a definite, measurable improvement in sensitivity for the 17"x13". Field testing was done on our claims that have been detected with VLF's and GPX's for years. No coil switching was necessary because I had determined the 17"x13" was the more sensitive coil. Testing was done on old known patches. I used the GPX4000 and my partner used his GPZ7000. When a target was found with either detector, we then checked to see if both machines could find it. Sad but true for me, the GPZ did find gold that my GPX could not. The good news is that I did find gold that I had previously missed. Some of it was "crumbs" that I never could hear with the old coil. Finding the crumbs keeps me going so that I can find more of the larger nuggets, too. More good news is: targets in very hot ground (incl. "black sand") were more detectable--so far, no false signals when I get aggressive in bushes! The slightly heavier coil was not a problem after using it a few hours. More sensitivity gives the coil up to a couple of inches more depth. It is better in hot ground and will find really small nuggets. My opinion is....this coil was well worth buying. A definite upgrade for my GPX! Here are a couple of the nuggets found. Smallest found with the new coil to date was 0.08 grams @ 3".
  21. Wow, glad you looked - was the target any good?
  22. dick ward

    Desert Dinks

    You are right!! I found a little patch in GB one day last week. Mike G. and I got 8 small nuggets out of a 50' area. Only a couple of grams but great fun.