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  1. Hey there Mike, Thank you for setting this up. See ya first weekend in October.
  2. Hey Chris, Please put me on the list. I will start saving my $ now.
  3. Mike Garrard just stopped by my house. He said either weekend works for him.......but he sold his tux to help pay his 7000. So, no prize for him. :-)
  4. Either weedend would work for me Mike. I would sure like to see Steve and Chris out there so pick the best date for them. :-)
  5. Don't know how to PM from my phone. Please send to dwardcapitolna@apl.com Please send application, Thank you. Dick
  6. Thank you for posting Frank. I can't really believe it yet. As I get older it is a lot harder to take news like this. I enjoyed detecting with him and listening to his great stories. Going to miss him, I took this picture of Kelly last time we were detecting together in Gold Basin.
  7. Thank you Clay and Ruby. The flow chart is great. Your work is much appreciated!
  8. I agree Rich. Looking forward to it!
  9. dick ward

    Gold Basin

    Chris, midway through the winter sounds good. Maybe first week in January? Might even get to wear a jacket. :-)
  10. Hey AZO any thoughts on an outing somewhere when the weather cools off? There are still a few nuggets and meteorites left in GB. Can't let Walt get them all!
  11. Detecting in Gold Basin early last summer and got into a large swarm of bees. Ran to my quad and hauled buns! Only a few stings.
  12. The little guys are out there. About 8" long and maybe a little over 1/4 " around. Be careful out there!
  13. dick ward


    Very nice find! Thank you for posting the pictures.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! From Dick Ward and Mike Garrard. In addition to wishing you a happy birthday, we want to say THANK YOU. We appreciate your listening to our requirements before guiding us to specific equipment purchases. Thank you for providing the best metal detectors and coils available. We both use Minelab detectors; Minelab & Nugget Finder coils. Thanks also for taking the time to listen when we call with questions then giving straight answers. It's great to have a friend to rely on rather than just talking to a salesperson. We just got back from three days detecting in the desert. We were going to send you some of our new nuggets but couldn't find your mailing address and didn't have the money for stamps anyway. So ....... ....... we decided to just post pictures for your Birthday present and keep the gold.
  15. Thanks for a great picture Mike. Like Chris, I have roamed all over the Arizona desert and only seen a few.
  16. Thank you, I just sent you a PM. Dick
  17. dick ward

    The Dreaded Hot Rocks!

    Great information Chris. Thank you.
  18. Please do give us a report. I would also like to know which Yuma store sells those boots. If you think they're good I would like to go in and try some on. Hope you find some gold while you break them in. :-)
  19. dick ward

    Happy Birthday Walt!

    Frank, Walts perseverance got him a couple of Birthday nuggets out here. Plus, Mike and I served him special coffee this morning.
  20. Like Kelly said - I believe and nicely done with kyle. Wish I had the air fare $ to go shake your hand and say thanks in person. :-)
  21. dick ward

    GPZ 7000 Video Link

    Kyle your racial slur is not appreciated. your prejudice expressed on this forum reflects badly on Arizona Outback and all forum members.
  22. dick ward

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Keep smiling Mike hope you had a great day.
  23. Hey Chris, Did they say 40 % deeper??? Guess I will ask my wife to get a part time job so I can afford one. Oh yes, like I think that will work. Do you know if the GPZ will run the large GPX coils?