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  1. Minelab customer service is great! I had a minor issue with my GPX 4000. I sent it in to Minelab for repairs. Tech Dept fixed and returned my detector more quickly than I expected. Had to share this experience on the forum, thank you again Minelab.
  2. dick ward

    Thank you Minelab!

    No worries Beatup, I think the 4000 is a very good detector. It was fine with normal coils but tough to ground balance with my 25 " coil. They put in a new circuit board and it's much better now. The big coil is always a challenge to use but.... if I swing smooth and parallel to the ground it does a great job.
  3. dick ward

    Newest November Nugget

    Great looking rocks and the gold looks even better. :-)
  4. Thank you for remembering. I consider it an honor to have served. Simper Fi.
  5. dick ward

    Joe No Shoulders

    Some research indicates Pacific Southern rattlesnakes may also have both toxins. They are in South Western California and on Catalina Island.
  6. dick ward

    Joe No Shoulders

    Call Chris Gholson tomorrow and order your snake chaps. :-)
  7. dick ward

    Joe No Shoulders

    Hey Bob, beware of the Mohave green! A high percentage of the Mohave greens have both hemotoxins and neurotoxins in their venom. Reputed to be the most toxic venom in North America.
  8. Thank you, thank you! We are looking forward to the updates. When you're done, go out and find some gold. :-)
  9. So glad you're back out Walt. Take care don't do too much too soon. Congratulations on your first 2300 nugget.
  10. dick ward

    Joe No Shoulders

    Hang in there Max. Let us know how quickly he recovers Mike.
  11. Good job Norm! Hope the cooler weather brings you a bunch more.
  12. Got skunked but headed home with a big smile on my face. Fantastic wind rain and lightning show alone made for a good trip. Good friends and really really good chili topped it off. A big thank you to Mike Furness.
  13. Going to be just a little bit of rain. And nice clouds to keep it cool the rest of the time.
  14. I will bring onions and cheese to top the chili. Tortilla chips and salsa. Maybe some homemade cookies and brownies. And you don't have to watch my nuggets I'll take the dirty ones.
  15. I am looking forward to that chili. I will probably bring along a friend that wants to get into metal detecting. He likes chili too!
  16. dick ward

    California Specie

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting.
  17. There is a short article written in layman's language in the Sept. 2014 issue of the ICMJ (www.icmj.com) titled LODE OR PLACER: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? By Keith Bowen. I think that novice prospectors and guys like me who think they know it all would benefit from reading this article. It explains in simple terms where our gold comes from and how it got to where it is now. This information might help our improve our prospecting and mining techniques I think this article is worth borrowing a copy of or subscribing to the ICMJ. Thanks
  18. Yes, very interested. We had fun last October and the cake was really special.
  19. dick ward

    Not a typical find!

    Nice find. When I find 'em the have already gone boom. The attached pic is from a day the skunk got me this spring. Better than nothing I guess.
  20. dick ward

    Happy Birthday Frank C!

    Happy Birthday Frank. Now go find some gold to celebrate.
  21. dick ward

    Rattlers on the move

    Thanks for the pictures Chris. Especially the cloud and rain nothing like an Arizona thunderstorm.