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  1. dick ward

    To Dolly or Not to Dolly

    Congratulations Kelly and welcome home. Good looking specimen.
  2. The pinpointer really is a help especially when using a big coil.
  3. Way to go Chris! Your set up & ground balance vid shows this to be an easy to use machine. Might be a great first PI detector, easy transition from a VLF.
  4. dick ward

    A fun morning...

    Wow, what a day. Thanks for not sending a picture of the skin tear! Nice gold, Chris, very nice gesture. The stories are great keep them coming.
  5. dick ward


    Good luck to ya Kelly. Wish you tons of fun & ounces of gold!
  6. Over 90° today in Boulder City Nevada. Man does all that green stuff and water look good. Cool weather and gold too, sure wish I was there.
  7. dick ward

    Another loner...

    A good lesson for all of us that tend to be a little impatient. :-)
  8. That is definitely the kind of accident to have Chris. Thanks for the story and the pictures.
  9. Way to go Norm. I sure am getting jealous. I haven't been out for a couple of months.
  10. Looks like you had a great time. Thank you for the pictures. Wish I could've been there. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks again, Dick.
  11. Good topic. I use a 4000 and need some help on set up & timings for my 25 inch NF coil. I just don't seem to get consistent results. Any ideas? Thanks, Dick
  12. dick ward

    Sawtooth trip...

    Thanks for the information. It is quite a long ways from Boulder City, don't guess I'll try to do it. Post your finds and I will wish I had made the effort. :-)
  13. I also would like to know. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the SLOW lesson Chris.
  15. dick ward

    Memories from Down Under

    Hi Chris, Thank you for sharing your memories and the pictures. You were blessed to have those adventures with your dad. Dick
  16. Norm knows where those coins came from now. AND.......THANKS TO NORM, I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST METEORITE YESTERDAY. Got lucky again today and followed it up with a nice little nugget.
  17. Very nice finds. I'll bet Frank & Terry got all the meteorites. They are the king and queen of meteorites ! I have never found one, got to get over there and try again soon.
  18. WHAT A GREAT POST Thank you! A very informative post with really nice pictures. Thank you for sharing the information about how you changed your prospecting technique. I tend to get in a rut just like you mentioned and will try to follow your lead. What kind of detector/ & coil do you normally use? Trying something new sure worked well for you, hopefully we can all learn from your success. Congratulations on the nice nuggets!! Dick Ward
  19. dick ward

    garrett atx

    Good call Steve, we paid the big bucks for all that sensitivity so smile and enjoy it. I learned in a hurry when first using my GPX with a 25" coil. A longer shaft helps but, you MUST get rid of all the metal you can. From shoes, keys & coins in pockets, belt buckle - it all has to go. Do you carry a pick over your shoulder?? Swing the coil to that side and you will hear that too. I even hear the metal frame on my glasses if I lean my head over the coil when trying to find a target in my plastic scoop. Now all we have to do is find some gold to swing over! Good Luck
  20. dick ward


    Hey Kelly, Thank you for the kind wishes. It's great to see you all decked out as Santa. Take care of that wrist and get back out in the boonies soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
  21. dick ward


    Hey Kelly, really sorry about your injuries. I hope the VA docs get you fixed up right, do what they tell you and get well soon.
  22. dick ward

    New coil scores New find

    Rugged looking nugget, good job.
  23. dick ward

    Set to Arrive this Week!

    I will be very interested to get some feedback on how this new machine performs in the field.
  24. dick ward

    Thank You Veterans!

    Thank you all. Your comments are appreciated. Dick Ward, USMC 1959 - 1966