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  1. dick ward

    New coil scores New find

    Rugged looking nugget, good job.
  2. dick ward

    Set to Arrive this Week!

    I will be very interested to get some feedback on how this new machine performs in the field.
  3. dick ward

    Thank You Veterans!

    Thank you all. Your comments are appreciated. Dick Ward, USMC 1959 - 1966
  4. Welcome Walt. You are hooked up with a great outfit. Hope to see you out in the boonies.
  5. Hey Kelly, sorry about your pin pointer. You will just have to find the big lumps. What a great weekend, I didn't find that first space rock I've been looking for but it sure was good to see Frank and meet some of the really nice people that post here. Teri, thanks for putting up with us guys and congratulations on your gold and meteorite finds. We were all looking forward to Bunks beans but we did eat well as Kelly said, the cake was really over the top. Thanks to everyone, I hope we meet up again soon.
  6. Really sorry to hear about your truck troubles Bunk, been there myself. I hope things get resolved without breaking the bank. I will go on over to GB tomorrow (Friday) and spend a couple of days. Hopefully I'll see Frank and get to meet some of the folks that post on the AZO forum.
  7. WAY TO GO AZO Congratulations to you guys. Arizona Outback gets my vote for the most knowledgeable, user friendly company around. Good products, good advice and nice people can't be beat.
  8. Hey Frank, Way to go......I don't know how you keep finding all those meteorites. I still haven't found one over there.
  9. dick ward

    ATV Set ups

    Hello Brent, I am attaching a photo of my old Honda and hope the info helps. It has been worth the effort expended when I'm out in the boonies. I bolted plywood platforms to the rear rack and to the front rack. The rear storage pod was purchased from Cabellas and bolted to the platform. This set up allows my wife to sit behind me when she needs a ride. I added a box for my ML 4000 to the rear platform. The box sits on an angled base that deflects brush and branches from the box and detector shaft. I put the traditional milk crate on the front platform to carry the usual junk. This worked fine until Chris G. made me buy a 25" round nugget finder coil. Because of him I had to add a "brow" to front platform. The brow has kept me from tearing up the new coil. I sometimes tend to go through stuff. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  10. Hello Bunk, We missed the beans last time and heard they were great so, we plan to be there. It will be Christine (my wife/boss), Baxter (the gold sniffing dog) and me.
  11. Another thank you for making this possible Chris.
  12. Wow! We were surprised and very pleased to hear that we had won the new Minelab X-TERRA 705 Gold. This is just the machine for Christine, light and easy to use. She thinks my old GPX 4000 is too heavy and complicated. We both want to thank Minelab, Arizona Outback and all the forum members for their generosity in helping the families that lost loved ones. It is wonderful to know that there are so many out there who really do care for others. We will keep those lost and their families in our thoughts and our prayers. Again, thank you to everyone. Dick and Christine Ward.
  13. Looks kinda like GB au. I'm getting the itch now. Call if you need help or smokes. Dick
  14. For Gold Basin: My wife and I are planning to attend bringing friends, total of four adults and two teens. Will be parking one small and one large motorhome. I live in Boulder City, NV only about 80 miles from Gold Basin. If you need help with the set up I will be glad to show up a day early and lend a hand. Just give me a call if you need anything. Dick Ward (702) 271-3362