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  1. A big THANK YOU to Mike Furness for hosting the informal Gold Basin outing.


    We didn't have a large turnout, but we had a great time. Good food, (SUPER CHILI MIKE!) and good company in a beautiful area. The weather cooperated by turning cool Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Walt was the big winner of the gold finding tournament :P with first place in all three divisions - first nugget, largest nugget and most nuggets. Discussions with the professionals, Mike and Walt, provided us with an opportunity to pick up some valuable prospecting and detecting tips.


    Thanks again Mike. :)

  2. Thanks for your patience Doc, Fred, Chris, Mike, Adam and all the other rational people that post here. Sharing information both positive and negative is a good thing and I have learned a lot from the forum.


    I deleted a kyles name from my rant just to try and be polite but it backfired. What the heck...........sorry kyle here is what I wanted to post.


    WOW GUYS - Dont you think it's about time (for kyle) to quit whining about this and move on?


    Thanks again for your patience guys, Dick. :mellow:

  3. WOW GUYS - Dont you think it's about time to quit whining about this and move on?


    My 2006 GPX4000 is pretty darn old and has found me a whole bunch of nuggets. A little while ago it started getting hard to ground balance.

    I called Minelab, talked to a tech and he said to send it in. Guess what.............Minelab put in a new circuit board (which was in stock) and

    I had it back right away, working great. Now if they had said sorry no parts, I would have complained some then moved on. I would have called

    Chris at Arizona Outback and bought a new Minelab.


    Please, if you hate Minelab :angry: go buy a Walmart detector then try to find nuggets with it!

    Or quit detecting altogether and just go to http.//www.ihateminelab.org every day and post your complaints there.


    REALLY SORRY for the rant :unsure: but I get SO tired of the bashing. Let's get positive, cool weather is around the corner.

    Lets go get some nuggets. :)