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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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    Finding gold stuff, auto racing, hot rods, girls, LoL
  1. Doc Parsons

    Shep's Nugget

    Wow,just makes my pants wet
  2. On 3/1 huh and I thought I was late so here is a early Happy Birthday Bunk "Doc" Parsons
  3. That Texas Red Chile isn't too bad "Doc" Parsons
  4. Happy Birthday Mike See you at the outting Look for the Disco Ball
  5. Welcome to the group, see you in Feb "Doc" Parsons Tulsa Ok
  6. Way to go Frank, keep swinging your on a roll! Frank to replace Carbs you might try Cabo, trust me I'am a Doctor "Doc" Parsons Tulsa Ok
  7. I need bean's and bacon to go with my Cabo
  8. Doc Parsons

    Does Anyone Know Their Name?

    Pat I'am glad you got your pistol back! I've been in that same spot myself "Doc" Parsons Tulsa Ok
  9. The Oklahoma guy's might be there "Doc" Parsons
  10. Doc Parsons

    Beach Outing

    Bunk did you say something about a Nude beach, count me in "Doc" Parsons
  11. Doc Parsons


    Bunk your shop sure looks cleaner than mine!
  12. Bunk I would have hated to see you in a wash