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  1. Nice handful of ugly beauties!!!! Way to go...Cheers, Unc
  2. Uncle Ron

    Bob Dansie

    Hey JP, the last I heard he was fishing a lot and was planning to go to Alaska to fish...He said he was giving his gold equipment to his daughter as I recall ... I also recall hearing he was having some fairly minor health issues ... Last time I hunted with him he seemed healthy and he scared me to death when riding in his Razer with him ... He took us straight up some cliffs at about 50 MPH!!!! El D may have more recent knowledge.... Cheers, Unc
  3. I do the work on ground and do not pay the stupid fee they want... Cheers, Unc
  4. Thank you Ruby & Clay ... My blank forms got buried on my desk...I just dug them out and gonna follow through today before I space it! Cheers, Unc
  5. Uncle Ron

    Early mining camp hunt

    LipCa...I lived in Scott Valley for 23 years and hunted that Deadwood area a few times ... Found a small gulch there that someone had recently pulled a multi-ounce pocket from ... I wasn't much into detecting then and just sort of let it go ... Not sure I could find it again but would love to go into that gulch now with my 4500 ... They hit the pocket with one of those old BFO detectors ... Just imagine what a PI machine could do!!! ... Cheers, Unc
  6. Fired up both the dredge pump motor and drywasher today and they started right up on second pull...Awesome machines ... Blower motor on the 151 is 3.75 HP and on the dredge is 3 hp... Both briggs and straton... Great equipment...If I wasn't getting so damn old I'd not sell them, but we also have a septic tank emergency so need to sell...Cheers. Unc
  7. Yo all...I have a well used but in good shape 2-1/2 inch Gold King dredge...All new hoses, extra long and never used...Special priming set up....Both suction nozzle and jet intake... Carb on engine may need a little cleaning...This baby's found me lots of gold, pounds, in fact, but my dredging days are over...I'm just a beepin' guy now...$250 + actual freight unless you want to pick it up in Wickenburg, AZ, 85390
  8. Yo All...I'm offering for sale a few items... Keene 151 Dry washer with blower and accessories... Gold King 2-1/2 " Dredge inc. sluice box, hoses, etc. ... Circulating wheel ... Will post pix Monday, but let me know of interest you may have ... Here's the info on this older 151....It works great... The original Keene 151 Dry Washer is one of the big boy's of drywashers. 2-3 adult men can pretty much shovel non stop into this beast and not clog it up. You can recover gold in the desert, dry river beds or any gold bearing area. This amazing drywasher can recover fine gold even in ground too damp for other drywashers to handle. Another amazing thing about this big unit is the fact that it will recover micro fine gold in addition to nuggets. The Keene 151 drywasher uses three processes at the same time to recover gold. Electrostatic concentration occurs because the high-velocity air flowing through the unit creates an electrical charge which attracts and holds gold to the riffle tray cloth like a magnet. The same airflow then holds the material in suspension allowing the heavier materials to sink into the riffles where it is caught. The adjustable oscillating vibrator shakes the material at the same time further helping the gold to sink. The Keene hot air induction blower helps create static electricity and allows you to run material that is damp. High velocity air passes through the concentrator creating an electrostatic charge to attract gold and other metalliferous values. The hot air from the engine is ducted into the radial blower, preheating the air and concentrator to 50 degrees above ambient making it possible to process a higher capacity of material and increases the electrostatic charge. An adjustable oscillation system creates increased vibration and air flow at lower engine speeds which increases fine gold production, especially in damp ground conditions. Equipped with an extra large hopper for greater capacity while steeper sides prevent material build up. The folding frame makes this model a dream for quick and easy set up. Included is an extra blower fan... Price for Drywasher: $500 Cheers, Unc
  9. Isn't that the "Butte Nugget" found by one of Digger Bob's customers last year? Cheers, Unc
  10. Yep...I've learned that the hard way several times! ... Cheers, Unc
  11. Uncle Ron

    Legal Claim Question

    I recall the BLM sending me a letter a few years back regarding open but historic shafts on my claim ... They implied that if anyone fell in the 80 year old shafta I "could" be liable ... There is a couple shafts in a remote part and very hard to get to parts of my claim ... They are so obviously dangerous, I reckon I could counter-sue them for being stupid and stealing from me ... I've never had the cojones to get within 10' of the openings and just toss rocks to hear how long it takes to hit bottom... I made a deal with God long ago that I don't go into shafts and he keeps me from being so stupid to even think about it! ....Cheers, Unc
  12. Shep glued it onto a poker chip to help tune his beeper! Cheers, Unc