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  1. For Sale: Gold Genie: $350 OBO Eliminator Reverse Helix Trommel: $3500 OBO PM for details. Located Central Arizona. West Valley.
  2. Now that is excitement. Other countries do not take as much interest in aviation safety as we do. One of the planes delivering supplies to us overseas was leaking some fuel out of the wing, so one of the crew steps out in shorts and flip flops while smoking a cigarette and puts a bucket under the wing to catch the fuel. Turned out modern AVGAS is not as explosive as the movies make it out, at least not that day.
  3. If you are going to get a PI, I recommend you go with the most expensive Minelab you can afford. Otherwise, you'll just be selling it in a few months to get a better one. Also, many better experts than me, but there will come a time, soon, where Minelab can't service the old ones if something goes wrong.
  4. Thanks Clay. After two months I've finally got LR2000 to work again by going to your link.
  5. Nice gold. In Arizona, I get almost as excited about seeing the water in the background as I do seeing the gold.
  6. I recently found a coin like that in a wash. When I first picked it up, I thought it was a coin blank, because it had the old copper black color, was the size of a penny, and was flat on both sides. When I examined the coin in the truck, I saw it was a late 1800's penny. Probably one of my most interesting finds. I think my coin had been in the wash for about 130 years.
  7. They seem to be pulling more gold out of the ground by metal detectors than dry blowing.
  8. I was watching as you posted this. My wife and son liked it, but not enough to move to the Outback. Maybe by episode 8.
  9. You can file on line if you're paying and not have to worry about the check getting lost and get an instant receipt. You search for claims by your name and everything filed comes up and you choose which ones to pay for. https://payp.blm.gov/epp-mc/mcSearch/start I got this link from a post at Bill's site and have renewed a 40 acre claim with a credit card.
  10. Could be hype but I will take any story that will get people involved and interested. I was able to read up to the story come from Oroville and don't quit your day job, and then the site crashed.
  11. Are those gators or crocs in the pic? Would make dredging more challenging.
  12. Nice gold. I did not know the 5000 is effected by the storms. Only time I saw the EMI was by power lines at a hotel. The storms do worry me. I do not want to get stuck out there on the only road between two washes and a downpour.
  13. I'm interested in the answer. I'm not sure what you mean by a super magnet, but I think you mean a neodymium magnet. Many put that at the end of the digging pick when we dig. Sometimes my pick and magnet set the detector off when I'm digging a target. This happens for my Minelab VLF and PI. I definitely keep it away from the electronics box, but then again, I hang my pick at my side on my belt, so I'm sure it gets close. I still dig up about 50 targets a in about 4 - 6 hours.
  14. chrisski

    Legal Claim Question

    So many different old maps out there also. Those shafts may be on one map and not on the other. I Found a couple of shafts that were not listed on the maps from the 60’s, but who knows if they were on the other ones. Markings on a map attracts people. “X” marks the spot. In the case of USGS maps, this means prospects, not treasure. It’s interesting how some people actually think they’re not liable for their decisions and will try to make someone else liable for their mistakes. If someone doesn’t care about claim status to start with, a high grader, and there are indications of gold on a USGS map on your claim, I guess he’d go to that. Markings could be tailings, prospects, shafts, tunnels, old buildings, etc. Common sense and justice tell me that we would not be liable for that, but my favorite lawyer, “Handle on the Law” who admits to giving marginal legal advice over the radio will tell you that justice and the legal system rarely see eye to eye.
  15. chrisski

    Legal Claim Question

    Can you explain how to get this liability insurance? My only experience is with a civic organization for an event with about 100 people. To use a commercial property, we had to provide a certificate we carried $1 Million liability. Turns out with each person's registration fee, $2 goes to insurance and we had that much insurance which covered the event. Seems like more than just calling up USAA.