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    lake havasu city, az.
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    prospecting, FINDING GOLD, four wheeling, fly fishing, hand loading
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    Prescott Valley, Az.
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    Mining, nugget shooting, 4 wheeling, fly fishing, shooting, reloading, ham radio, living!
  1. buffalochip

    Finally .....

    "Skunk" is my middle name !
  2. Roadrunners has some claims in that area.
  3. Congratulations to him! That is what we all hope to find some day! What a find!
  4. Thanks Doc for the great explanation! They are a great machine with lots of after market goodies. While I have the 5k, I've got almost all of your goodies! thanks!
  5. I have the 5k and love it, are they still making it or just selling remaining stock? I still see them advertised at 5795 new.
  6. Congratulations on the find of a lifetime!
  7. Hey Nick, about 2 weeks after that, in the same area we were in, i almost stepped on one and came real close to another, time to get out the snake guards for sure! later, Chip
  8. hang in there nick. i'm sure you just have a setting wrong. that machine should run pretty quiet unless you're in really heavily mineralized ground or in a area such as close to luke afb or yuma proving ground or close to some power lines. i will try to help you if i can if we can ever find the time to get out together! im sure you will get lots of help at the outing too. take care and hope to see you soon, Chip