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  1. Make sure whoever sets it up is putting a "link" to store on the top of page somewhere so its ez to to find.
  2. SOLD !!!! Steal of a deal here, new in box (never fired up) with everything that comes with it Powermate PM2200iSuitcase style inverter generator.IF YOU WANT MORE INFO GOOGLE "Powermate PM2200i"1ST $300 in my hand takes it.EXCELLENT for prospecting trips and camping.Reply here or Call me NO TEXTS/DATA on this number 928 303 8474 Frank.
  3. Are you down there now Dick ?
  4. I have searched "surplus center" and other outlets and cannot find the motor with bracket. I have found just the motors but without bracket. I searched ebay also but did not find any. They were not windshield wiper motors as most people thought. I will suggest an avenue of repair, which would be to make a new one out of suitable thickness metal. It should not be difficult to reproduce. Also, isn't it possible to remove and weld the fatigued stamped steel piece ?
  5. Very good stuff ! I also have worked on a team to educate school children in the joys of prospecting, it is fun and satisfying to watch their faces !
  6. Looking for a pair of Detector Pro Black Widows Please message me if you have some to sell or possibly trade ?? ============= FOUND A PAIR 3/10/19 ================
  7. Beautiful !! Congrats ! I know that hand !!!!!
  8. Chris, have a cradle for a GP ? w/amp 4 PIN ? Somehow someway, the lil plastic tab/slots for alignment of batt to cradle on wifes 3500 are no longer there !
  9. Its gettn there early morning temps are cooling. When I read yer post I thought you were in an area working. Between the smoke from distant fires and the high temps its been a very rough spring/summer.
  10. Thank you, I even like the "ugly" ones when I can detect em !
  11. Where are you at Dick ? I've been using an 18 R. I did pick up a 13x17 like we were talkn bout. The rains did a lil bit of moving surface here so far this season, I caught a nice deep one awhile back at 8+ grams. Over a foot deep. And a 2.5 grmr. REAL deep. Haven't been swingin much this year so far. Hapy Huntn.
  12. Thankk you, will do.
  13. Chris, my 1st msg. must have got lost with all the spam issues a couple days back never heard from you.I was trying to find out from you how much is a new cover for my 18" advantage AND also for a 13x17 Evolution ? You can msg me back please.Thanks Frank c. Just tried to send this as a message to you and when I clicked send IT said Chris Gohlson cannot receive messages , better check that out too !