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  1. Thankk you, will do.
  2. Chris, my 1st msg. must have got lost with all the spam issues a couple days back never heard from you.I was trying to find out from you how much is a new cover for my 18" advantage AND also for a 13x17 Evolution ? You can msg me back please.Thanks Frank c. Just tried to send this as a message to you and when I clicked send IT said Chris Gohlson cannot receive messages , better check that out too !
  3. Brand new never used, cover included. $100.00Reply or P.M. here.
  4. frank c

    New Mexico Gold!

    That's a beaut for sure, biggest nugget I have seen from N.M.
  5. "Turn that sucker on end... it'll go in!" Only on Tuesdays !
  6. Its nice when they don't fit in the bottle ! EVEN when ya use a wide mouth container ! New coil NF 13x17 EVO, GPX4500, detailed "tuning" = Arizona Gold Nice 8.9 grammer rough an knarly that's the way we like em here ! Been awhile since I was out swingin. Happy St. Paddy's Day !
  7. H.D. 4-pin Fits All SD/GP Series Nice close to new. $30 Msg me here Hapy Huntn.
  8. X-Tra thick an H.D. Power cord (curley) 4- pin FOR SD/GP Series detectors Nice $35 Msg. me here Hapy Huntn
  9. 4-Pin Services all SD/GP detectors 12 volt auto charger $45 Msg. me here Hapy Huntn
  10. KOSS UR-30 ========= SOLD 2/24/18 ==== 1 pair These UR-30's were in storage/backup they are as new $50 ========== SOLD ======== 2/25/18 ======================================= ===== SOLD 2/25/18 ================ Detector Pro Nuggetbusters 1 pair Nice pair Detector Pro NuggetBusters 150 ohms Stereo/M switch Detector Pro Quality and service $50 ====== SOLD === 2/25/18 =========================== Audio 200 Headphones These phones were supplied with some MLab detectors 150 ohms M/Stereo switch Dual Vol. controls. As New cond were in storage. $35 =================================== Whites/Koss 9000 Headphones Dual inline Volume controls, nice phones great sound. $40 ================================= CLEANING THE STORAGE CLOSET OUT ! Msg. me here Hapy Huntn
  11. frank c

    Puffer Drywasher

    Is this machine still available ?? I have people asking me for them all the time.
  12. frank c

    Puffer Drywasher

    Looks like an Ol Yeller lil guy.
  13. I LIKE "DWT"'s myself !
  14. Simply Beautimus, Congrats on a Fantastic day of "detecting" !
  15. Jen, how were you able to hunt the King Tut grounds, ??? special invite ? or pay to detect ? or ? its private property at the site of those piles. ??? With neighbor/property owners surrounding ??