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  1. sandtrap

    Jim Straight

    I received a call from him...Jim is now at home, with pins in hip. Doing as well as can be expected.
  2. My mentor , Jim Straight, is in the hospital, after suffering a broken hip on friday. Can't get thru to him yet, but prayers sure help in times like these.
  3. Thanks all for the "HAPPYS " ! Gout has me slowed down.
  4. My prayers are with all of you, that live in the areas being plagued by swift moving fires, that all will be safe.. The fires in No. California , and elsewhere, are terrible.
  5. Well, welcome back Grubby !
  6. Happy Birthday Steve ! Enjoy it !
  7. My health has kept me away from there, so I cannot honestly say what happened..
  8. I just heard that a new caretaker is needed for Bickel's Camp,near Burro Schmidt's tunnel, in Last Chance Canyon, CALIFORNIA.. See >>> http://www.tflcc.org/ Trying to preserve one of the few remaining sites of old California. See the website, and who to contact for more info.. This site is near Ridgecrest, Mojave, and Lancaster
  9. Mr. Jim, How well you taught me that !
  10. sandtrap


    Thanks--I printed this out, and gave it to my friend.
  11. A friend of mine is looking for a "Brewer Bellows Drywasher" , as seen on You Tube. Does anyone have information on where to purchase one, or to contact the maker of these? Results so far have been negative. Thanks !
  12. My prayers go out to you and your missus..I know from past years, the tense moments when someone you love is seriosly ill.