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  1. Great video! Nice looking ground and bedrock........ I'm sure that there has to be more good gold there. Was that on your claim or open ground?
  2. Wonder why I picked it up anyway?? Must of just been on Google somewhere..... And didn't look at date.
  3. $10,000 for 15 minutes?? Wish it were closer... BTW, link does not work.
  4. Signed in to say ditto.... am signing out now until spam goes away...
  5. Turn that sucker on end... it'll go in!
  6. Nice find...... That doesn't appear to be all of them on the scale?
  7. Nice pieces but I have to ask, why was he packing these in the field while detecting?? That is strange.....
  8. Ron, There were some big "gully washer" over there a few years back. Opened up some good bedrock on Deadwood creek but was on someone's claim
  9. I found a 1898 Indian head penny in great condition at the old townsite of Deadwood(CA) once. Great looking coin until I washed it with soap and water. The complete face of the coin disappeared !! You could not even read he date anymore. So....... be careful with coppers Great finds Chris.
  10. I'd just to have to sell one like that.. too pretty
  11. Just hype.. And I get a security warning with the website.
  12. As of 18 minutes 20,000 acres and 1 percent contained... good luck all
  13. I had 5 minutes to detect today and found two pickers totaling about 10 grains.... not complaining.
  14. And they had years to fix the small holes and cracks the "right way".