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  1. Hey steve nice ripper! Glad to see you have some luck,say hi to link and kim for me.I heard they might not release the 14"nf evalution but the 17" is a go.Ive heared the 17" on a 5000 out performs the 7000 by at least a inch in depth/
  2. kelly starkey

    Show us your GPZ 7000 finds

    Thanks JP nice to see some gold you can believe was really found with the gpz.those are some dandy slugs
  3. kelly starkey

    GPZ 7000 Video Link

    That vid is a short tease.You can get a 11" or 20" coil as add on's they come with lower shafts as i read.Three modes small gold .general.or deep says deep will miss small shallow gold and small will miss some deep.Check out clarks post GPZ7000 photos and info you can read the owers manual looks a little complicated to me just my H.O. and pricey i bet
  4. Doc's are a little longer than standard ones and the lower are heavy duty so they are heavier in weight compared to stock lowers so what you gain on top you loose on bottom.Use of a hip stick and your bungee helps for the weight and swinging long hours.
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    Rifle found leaning on tree!

    Chris i think you ment a 1873, they researched it and it was made in 1882 by the serial #.I and my brother found a spring field trap door 45-70 in the goldfield mts back in 69 or 70.It was stuck in a small cave in a rock outcrop.it was missing the trigger and hammer, broke in half. Found a live round on the ground'went back with my dad later and his metal detector found two more live rounds they had us calvery on the primers.It was so cool only if it could talk there were apache battles in the area. Being a dumb kid i sold it for ten dollars to some lady..'
  6. Bret most buyers in az will only pay 80% of spot,nuggets like you have should be worth more but I don't know where in az.You could try Gus in Idaho at www.NaturalGoldTrader.com. I'll PM his #
  7. That's one fine lookin speci congrats!
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    Been a while

    Norm thats a dandy, so nice you had to post it twice,good for you.
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    Been a while

    Norm that looks pretty good to me,way to go!
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    Get Well Soon

    Walt take it easy and mend yourself,hoping for a good recovery.
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    Happy Birthday Frank C!

    Frank Who's the old fart now? Happy Born on day!
  12. Six weeks plus a week for travel seemed a long time.But before i knew it was over,like they say time flies when your having fun.We left out of Erlistoun station some 40 k's north of Laverton.There was 12 in the group.seven quads one side by and two support trucks pulling trailers.The Quads all pulled trailers also.Nine guys and three gals all well seasoned prospectors,I guess that means salt pepper and herbs already added.We traveled 1220 kilometers or 738 miles in 6 weeks.We headed way north past know gold areas.After 8 days of no gold we decided to drop are search for unknown areas and drop south to better ground.It looked good up north and we hit it hard on faults and contact zones but after 8 days of moving camp daily and hitting spots still no gold.These guys were use to find gold daily so they were going nuts.I told them I was use to it i never find gold.On the ninth day I found 2 nuggets,a 3 gram'r and a .8gram.one other sub gram bit was found plus a 5.5 Ironstone speci with 7+ grams of gold.Gold was found daily from there on.We ended up with 623 nuggets and 30+ speci's for 16.5 oz'sWe were to split the gold so every one was to get 47+grams there was 11 of us ,We let one guy go after 4 weeks gave him 20 grams and sent him on his way.I had found 59 grams so i was to give up 12 grams.Link and Kim who run the tour chipped in the 12 grams for me out of their gold so I could keep all I found.What great people they are!All in all a good trip and learning experience. Ready to roll way up north Prenti downs first gold on ninth day Two from the cap rock,one still in some cap Me and Elvis headed down the track A 7 gram nug speci not alot of gold speci gold My Biggest 20 gram Everyones take
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    Australia 2014

    I ran a 17" NF elip most the time,i wanted to run a 14" but because we were prospecting new ground they wanted me to swing the 17".The ones using 14's found more nuggets but they were small ones mostly,they were working scrapes and know areas.My job was to try and exspand the areas.I did swing a 12" round in some salty ground,It had been chained but with the 12" I found several small nuggets the ones with 14"s found lots also, we took 60+ nuggets out of the chained area it was even cross chained in places,So don't let chain marks scare you off. I used the 8" sadie to sqeeze a few nuggets out of the creeks and to get some crumbs of speci's in some reef holes. A few were swinging 18" or 20" round monos and they did well.There is alot of open ground were the bigger coils work well,and on the deeper ground in the low areas were the big nugs hide they are the ones to swing. I was surprised at how small some nugs were I found with the 17".
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    Australia 2014

    Bughunter I had the same problem with their web sight www.wagoldtours.com.au,They sold their store in Mudgee so they could consentrate on the quad bike tours.they go out of Erlistoun station now.their email is linckim@hotmail.com.
  15. Yes I'm back home,broke my handle on my 5000 the last day downunder soon as i get it fixed I'll head out and try and get me some az gold.
  16. Walt good on you sounds like you earned them,good luck on more!!
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    Australia 2014

    Mike they muzzle their dogs because of 1080 the poison they still use there for dingo's.They had lost dogs from it in the past ,They remove the muzzles in camp,This dog Elvis would jump off as soon as she could to exsplore so she was pre muzzled.They have to worry about snakes when its warmer also,they lost one this year to a brown snake.
  18. kelly starkey

    Australia 2014

    Mitchel i don;t know if they will ever do one like this again,6 weeks that is.It was one of their good friends idea to go look for lasseters reef,he passed of cancer before they ever went so his wife and daughter came on the trip and it was dedecated to him.We looked some for lasseters or are own reef,then we just detected for gold instead.They usually run one week tours from may to sept.last year i went on two one week tours.Check out their web page WA Gold Tours .
  19. Just returned from OZ had a great trip.Found 15 speci's myself and the group over 30+ speci's.They dolly pot them,crush'em up to get the gold.I found one nicer one and they told me to keep it.We were to split all gold found between the 11 of us on the trip.They told me to keep the good one I found,put iy away and forget it.All together we found 623 nuggets,16+ ounces.Great time and learned alot. here's the speci I kept the dolliers at work some pickers and fine's from a speci THERE ARE MORE PHOTO"S ON DOWN IN THREAD
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    To Dolly or Not to Dolly

    A large speci that took 3 days to crush for a little gold speci found in cap rock H with two speci's 4 from another reef missed by diggers
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    To Dolly or Not to Dolly

    Thanks for the welcome home,my wrist did better than i could hope for.When it came time to split the gold i was third in gold if i would of crushed the speci i kept i would of been first with over 2 and a half oz's.We each was to get 47point something in gold ,I had 59 grams so i was to give 12.2 grams up.Link and Kim the tour operators chipped in the 12 grams out of their gold so I could keep all I found.What great people they are.So I ended up with 59+grams and a speci that sg'ed at 23 grams,Oh and I found the largest nugget a 20 gram Beauty,Im trying to catch up on things so will post more later,here's so more speci's Only 1.1 grams in this one found with 8" sadie 14 grams 5 small speci's from a reef'diggers of the reef left some crum's found with sadie gold from 5 reef crums
  22. Going to australia for six weeks detecting and prospecting,not going to miss this az heat.Going with 8 or 9 others to look for lasseters reef,or maybe our own Gold reef.All of us are well seasoned prospectors.We will be riding quads and pulling trailers with our gear.Going out of laverton,well 40km north of there.It will be a real test for my wrist i broke 6 months ago.Just going for the adventure but hope to find some yellow too.Will post when i return >>>SWING ON >>>KELLY
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    Thanks guys for the well wishes! leaving in a few hours,will tell the story on my return>>>SWING ON >>>>Kelly
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    A TRINITYAU Moment

    Good Stuff Jeff way to go!