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  1. Gary, I had no ideal that highgrade moly was worth so much money until they offered $300,000 cash to the owner for road acess to their claims to use their computerzized core drills. Then 2 weeks later they got serious and offered him 5 Million for his 100 + acres, the check did not bounce and they gave us a week to get out of the camp. Tonight on "Iceroad Truckers" Alex hauled 13 0f those ore bags of moly and they said it was worth over 1 million . Do you ever hear from Tom Ashworth? I miss all the stories and camp coffee from the GPAA camp which was just a short distance from my operation. I remember when you where telling about the opening of those roads. Lot of water down the Payette since then! let me know if you ever get over to Wickenberg, I have plenty of places to hunt! Max
  2. Stan, Verizion has a special on the 4G LTE, 5 GB for $50 a month, cost $74 with a $50 rebate, you have to be in a deep canyon for it not to work. Max
  3. Gary, these are the people that bought the patented property on Charlotte Creek for Moly mining that I was running a pay to dig on. I was there when they bought Quartzburg. Last year the schools in Boise where teaching in Chinese. The chinese have bought a huge amount of land along the freeway eastt of Boise also.
  4. gilaoro

    Trommel Sprocket

    If you haven't found one yet try www.surpluscenter.com They have many different types of sprockets.
  5. fatcat, As a long time relic hunter that's hunted New Oleans and Baton Rouge LA+Yorktown, VA I for one realize the extraordinary feat and value of finding this many in such good condition. Robert J Driver COL USMC RET was my mentor in Cival War colleting when we shared 5 years shore duty in New Orleans, LA when we where both young! We dug some amazing artifacts including a Revolutionary War canteen that had been converted to a ice bucket that had the name, dates of service and units carved in the remaining side of the owner! In the same hole we dug a complete canister round made of wood , in good condition too! I dug my first Cival War hand grenade in Baton Rouge, I didn,t even know they had grenades that far back! Bob has written several books about the collection of all that stuff and many books on the history of the Civil War, google his name and look! Max
  6. I think Frank C is correct and see if you can get the weight accurately, There are people on forums who never post but do send private messages, just have her refer to you, who knows what kind of super offer she may get. I sold a coin that I still consider junk for a good price and I told the buyer that and that if he insisted I would take his money, he made the offer not me! These big come-on ads that are in the Sunday papers are just that, anyone that operates out of a motel, well? A legit jeweler may charge you a fee for an appraisal but it will be in writing, also those fly by night buyers do not pay for diamonds and such but you can bet that they keep them and deduct the weight from gold weight. There are dozen of coin dealers on the WWW , you could do a google on that and send them a pic. And even if they are soldered on a jeweler can remove them with out damage, may lower the value some, may not, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! My 2 bits! Max
  7. I have posted this button before but with all the new people registering , "Hope springs eternal" so I am putting it up again. They where found at an old town site in Baja where the gold rush passed through in the 1860's,there where numerous coins from those years found, both US and Mexican. They where found with a Tesoro Lobo ST and where laid out about as they would they been on a coat,5 large ones, 4 small, some of the large one have shotgun pellet holes through them. They show signs of having been gold plated and have "New York" on the rusted iron backs. I think that the center represents a blanket as used in the "windowing" method of separating gold and dirt. Thanks for looking! Max
  8. I am with you on that Texan, I was wondering when they will show up. From the first show I spotted so many traffic violations that I knew they where not real but staged. Washington State has some of the toughest truck traffic enforcement of the 48 states, Routine Federal regulations apply in most situations. For instance when they where crossing those bridges and the big trucks where nose to tail and all on the bridge at the same time and there was opposing traffic, I saw no divider so I assume the bridge was two lanes in each direction. They where breaking so many traffic laws its unreal. I wish I had a copy of of a standard oversize load to post, but from memory, Trucks on a permit must maintain one mile separation, more if circumstances and traffic require it. Its called "Convoying" and only the Army or emergency relief and rescue can do it, Only one truck at a time on bridges, no other traffic at the same time, They should have had escort vehicles that blocked all other traffic. ( They did but Kept them out of sight" For better pictures! They where probably also required to have a Highway Patrol Escort, The Highway Patrol does not do this gratis, in most states the charge $100 a hour. And the flat tire ran until it was destroyed and scattered along the highway (called: Alligators), that will get you a ticket in every state. Not to mention the little fact of the international transportation of firearms and ammo on a merchant vessel on an international voyage, apparently hidden in a trailer??????????? Coast Guard, Customs, ATF ??? Where are you??. In my days back and forth to Alaska the Canadians were real serious about guns so they obviously knew that and did not haul them on the Alcan. They allow certain long guns but 45 of them , HMmmmm. And 45 rifles and pistols and 180 boxes of ammo, Big boxes!?????????? If I had that many guns and ammo I would not have to work for at least a year maybe two, anyway selling,buying and trading guns is easier than gold mining any day. And one more: They built the shaker and trommel from "Scratch"??? BS by the yard !! I'll continue to watch just to see how outrageous they (Discovery ) get! Don't blame the "miners", they are just acting for a wage. <br /><br /><br />
  9. The Etrex series has many features, one I have not used; if you parachute it calculates your landing zone ?? The other is very use full for measuring real estate and claims, you simply turn on that feature and walk from corner to corner and it will calculate the # of SF in an area, then calculate acres.
  10. I have two Garmin Etrex Vistas, B&W. A couple of features I like about them is that in the setup menu you can program your contact info in to it. the other feature is That I have the PC cord and can hook direct to my computer and update it and load any maps, it works with "FootPrints"too. And Amen to carrying extra battery's! Max
  11. Terry, Oh Yes, I don't think it was one of "long John" Latham's stable, see history of Lost Treasure : http://www.losttreasure.com/about . Somewhere in my collections I have some back issues , I think it went under in 1994, first one was 1975. It was a quarterly publication. But Long John had a bunch of magazines! Long John was well known in New Orleans at at 8th Coast Guard District office, he published several different magazines on the offshore oil industry but his real love was treasure hunting, I was attached there as Chief of Private Aids to Navigation so I was in constant contact with the industry and ran on to him often, I think he was based in Hunstville,Tex at the time. He came up with the ideal of owning his own places out west to treasure hunt on and pushed the ideal at every operunity I signed up , I think the first amount was $25, It eventually became "Camper Ranches" with one at Deming,NM, Robles Junction, AZ and a couple of others. I don't know if George Massey and Long John where acquainted but it seems reasonable that they where. Max BTW: Back issues sell for around $15 and yours is listed as "Rare".
  12. You can read many back issues of a lot of different magazines (among other things) some of them very old and out of print on line at : http://www.scribd.com/ . I particularly enjoy "Desert Magazine" , I have owned 2 complete sets at different times and sold both of them, prices are insane just like the old editions of the Gold Prospector magazine of which I also compiled a complete set (at the tme) including the newspaper style first issues. They are almost never available now at any price. Another magazine you can read on Scribd is "The Ore Master"an old (NV I think) publication. Lots of info out there! "Popular Mining" was printed for a few years when they where LV based, they sell their on back issues. Max
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    Member Removed

    nvchris, PSST, don't tell Chris Ralph but I have sold 100's of them obtained from libraries back issues, generally they bring $3.00 and up, the info is never out of date for someone.
  14. gilaoro

    Not able ti ID

    One firearm that used a double firing pin was the HENRY, the cartarige case is usually marked with an H in a circle and its a necked down caliber. I will attempt to attach a scan of one in my collection that had a broken firing pin and only shows 1 mark. Max Rerplaced poorpic with a little better, not much.
  15. I found this nailed to a big tree high on a Mt near an old hardrock mine in Idaho, there was not a road near by. It measures 7 3/4" long and 3 5/8" high, the Nevada collectors clubs has nothing like it. Could it be some sort of mining claim marker? Max