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  1. Pretty snake! If only gold rattled when you got too close to it...
  2. peabody

    Got Hand-Stacking?

    It will all be one day viewed as "archaeological structures built by an ancient culture... the purpose unknown". It would be far too simple to think of rock stacks as a couple of guys clearing overburden to get to the good stuff...
  3. peabody

    Ray Mills

    Yep, it's a very useful text. I'm still working my way through it... mainly because I have a 2 year old son and it's a read-when-you-can type of world right now. But I've found the tidbits on geology to be very interesting - a great layman's perspective on where gold hides.
  4. They look like fossil scallop shells or some type of clam. The ring shapes appear to be the impressions from the inner side of the shell. Interesting stuff. And fascinating to think that ground so far above sea level was once the ocean floor millions of years ago. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading your new book soon... And so goes my first post on this forum after a long time lurking...