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    Hi Mike,
    As you must know... you are in a very good area for gold... I can give you a few leads on some areas around there... But, before I do that... I would suggest that if you don't have it already... That you get a good "Garmin GPS" and a purchase copy of https://www.onxmaps.com !!! Because it is very Important to know exactly where the "Private Property lines and BLM & USFS borders are... and I would also suggest a copy of http://www.minecache.com to overlay GoogleEarth show where the active claims and closed claims are located. These two things...will help avoid any issues you might have If you go into areas and unknowingly cross on to private property and then avoid being greeted by a angry property owner with a deer rifle ! There is a lot of Private Property up there!
    I always start with GoogleEarth before I go to any new area.
    OnX Maps sells an overlay for GoogleEarth and also an app for the smart phone. ( I have all of them )
    So by doing your home work first ~ you will be able to have a good Idea of the lay of the land before you go in there.
    When you return > if you use the GPS you will have the track to overlay on GoogleEarth to see where exactly where you were.
    At lease thats what I do.
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    Pretty snake! If only gold rattled when you got too close to it...