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  1. Pick; Thanks for the invite and congratulations on your continued success. I usually make it down there for one of the mineral shows. Going back to your original post, you couldn't have picked a better place to start out. The many exhibits, usually the weather and gold too. Enjoy!! Within a few mile radius you might find: Quartz....site. (Mineral quartz, not the pretty white stuff) A mine dump that after a rain irritates your nose and if you dig, your skin. (sulfuric acid) Schists. galena. (lead/silver ore) azurite and malachite. (copper ores) ironstone. (magnetite) Quartzsite is a great place for a crash course in mineralization and practical gold geology. More good hunting; Paul
  2. Pick If your still hunting the place you mentioned? That ground may be hotter than you think and your 3000 is handling it well. If you have a chance, try a GB or a White's and prove it. Hunting small as Montana mentioned and going slowly and carefully is a pretty good plan. More good hunting. Paul
  3. Nice Nevada nuggets. Hope you get even more from AZ. Looking forward to your Havasu reports, since I'm not far from there. More Luck Paul
  4. The fact that you found gold is the best indicator of all. That might be the best place to study. Lots of schist in that area. Look for mineral colored and rusty schists. Also schists that have been upthrust or sloped from the horizontal. I call it book schist since it looks like you could turn the pages. Luck Paul
  5. Rough Arizona nuggets, 41.7 grams in 9 smaller nuggets. Approx 1/2 oz. in large spec. From my second best patch. Location details to buyer, although place is closed to prospecting. My scale maxes out on large specimen. aurover@hotmail.com $2000.00
  6. You're probably better on the LAX end. So, I-10 to I-15 to I-40 to Kingman, AZ. Stockton Hill exit in Kingman. Follow Stockton Hill Rd. north thru town approx 40 miles to T intersection. Right at T. Fairly quick left at Greg's Hideout Rd. This could be considered Gold Basin, (big). 5-7 miles on dirt. This close you should watch for activity or ask someone. Up one of the many left turns to assembly/gold area. Luck Paul
  7. Been hunting new ground the last three times out. The good news is that I haven't been skunked. The bad news is I'm just getting a few small widely scattered. This was a good find as it was under two shoe sized rocks. Don't really know why I moved the rocks as I had gotten the bump the rock sound many times that day. Something different about it. Its OK to pat yourself on the back once in a while, isn't it? Kiwi's thread is great. That's really news you can use. Luck Paul
  8. Finally got out for a couple days. From the looks of the forum activity is picking up everywhere. Ending the long hot summer. Two of these came from a new place for me. Had hunted lots of promising ground with small results. Found the two late in the day so I went to sleep that night with visions of nuggets. Didn't find anymore, but its a big place and there's a gold source somewhere close. Doubt it has been hunted much because there's so much better looking ground nearby. Luck Paul
  9. Nice gold Lunk. I should know better than to look at this site when I can't get out. You guys and your gold make me antsy. Paul
  10. pdeere

    Mission Beach

    Was hoping someone more experienced than me would respond. Thanks Fred! One of the guys I talked to stressed the importance of timing. He liked to hunt first light after a long holiday weekend. His results showed it. He clanked when he walked. Seriously, he showed me a Rolex watch and a long thick 18K gold chain. He was a local. Too bad we don't use higher denominations on our coins. Come on Sacajewa. Next time I'll notch out dimes and pennies. Shouldn't cost me any jewelry which has been scarce the few times I've hunted. One gold and one sterling turquoise ring, plus a costume jewelry brooch are my jewelry finds at the beach. Luck; Paul
  11. Here's the results of just a few hours hunting at Mission Beach. The shuffleboard puck was about 10 inches deep. I think a sore loser threw it from one of the nearby Condos. This was primarily a Sea World, Sea Food, Sea Breeze trip. Just a short time with the XTerra 50. The beach is a great place for a young person or novice, since your bound to find something. My hunting partner was very enthusiastic and picked right up on finding and recovering. Luck Paul
  12. Kiwi Nice going and it sounds like you can count on more. Once I find gold in a spot it becomes mine. Either all at once or gradually I clean all the trash. More good hunting; Paul
  13. Keep them coming. Hope your back improves so you can put on a 16" coil and get them all. Glad to here that your NF14 went to 12". How loud was the signal. I have one too and its the one with the most wear. More Luck to go with your skill. Paul
  14. pdeere

    GP Extreme

    I guess I should respond here. Sigh! John, if you recall, I described the condition of the books in the private EMail. When you didn't jump on the offer to split the air freight, I couldn't be sure you were serious. I had already signed up for PayPal and EBay to complete an overseas sale. (Yours). Anyway, it was never my intention to create an international incident. I'll leave that to Bush and Cheney. Here are the much discussed books. Gone hunting Paul