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  1. I am gonna find it first!

    Minelab GPX 4000 withe extras for sale!

    Hi Allen, Yep got it! I am pondering over your offer now. I will shoot you an e-mail with my number we can talk. Thanks, Jason
  2. SOLD thanks guys and Thanks Allen! This is Jason at Razorback Coils. I am going for a different setup so I am looking to sell my GPX 4000 for a great price to move it fast. It includes the following: Minelab GPX 4000 in great condition with fresh switches ect no problems of any sort Herb"accuturn manufacturing" owned it and can vouch for it's condition as well. 1 RB 8.5X11 mono coil Carbon Fiber shaft from Herb 2 piece shaft for travel JP's DVD the GP Xfactor for the 4000 Manual Stock battery and power cord Swingy thingy bungy setup stock belt for battery without shoulder straps A coil cable thingy to hold the cord to the control box 12 volt charge cord and 110 volt charge cord custom control box cover and cuff cover All for $2,400 shipped to your door with insurance. If you can meet me in Northern Ca. I will knock off the shipping and Paypal fees. I would prefer a cashiers check. Any questions just ask I will get right back to you. Paypal, Cash in person, or cashiers check accepted.
  3. I am gonna find it first!

    Earthquake in Arizona Today?

    We had one here in N. Cal last night as well in Plumas county. It was a 4. something at around 11 PM. Crazy huh.. Maybe these are signs of more to come. Kinda hope not.
  4. Right on Chris and Joe! Cannot wait to get the copy in this week! Great job! Jason
  5. I am gonna find it first!

    Working after work

    Wooo hoooo! Nice! keep them coming and great job!
  6. I am gonna find it first!

    TDI/TDI Pro

    Any questions about the TDI I will do my best to answer them. I have many many hours with that machine and can share any tips you may be needing that I have learned along the way. I have built many coils for it and I know the machine very well. It can do some awesome stuff under powerlines and in hot rock zones that other detectors cannot touch. It is a tool that works great under certain conditions with the right coils. A heads up, the smaller coils excel on the TDI. Small like the 8" round 5X10, 8X6 these are all good sizes. The biggest one would go on the TDI would be the 16" round mono. The TDI does great at that size for larger items and bigger gold. After that size the TDI really does not gain any depth with the bigger coils there is just not enough power there to push any deeper. Good luck and have fun! Jason Razorback Coils
  7. I am gonna find it first!

    New Dealer Introduction

    Thanks for the warm welcome Chris! Yep e-mail me anytime if you guys need something or just want to go detecting! Glad to be a part of the program and looking forward to meeting some great nugget hunting friends. Have a great day!
  8. I am gonna find it first!

    Fathers day weekend gold

    Very nice Bob! Is this with your Gold Bug 2 again? I may just have to buy a gold bug also. Jason
  9. I am gonna find it first!

    Patch in a Pan..

    Wow very very sharp and thanks for showing them off! Very inspiring to keep on trying! My patch has got to be out there!
  10. I am gonna find it first!

    Here is a good one from ML repair

    CH that is not cool at all!! Wow I would not be happy at all. Sent in for switches and now it is blown board. I would be balistic. I would be on the phone to several other sources to get some service asap. How easy to say that is how it was from the box when you only sent it in for switch's. I would call ML direct and ask for some help. Hope it works out for you and they get you sorted. I know you where just getting to liking that detector. And you are right why would they not have parts for a 4000?
  11. I am gonna find it first!

    Easter Tradition continues

    Very cool indeed!!!!
  12. I am gonna find it first!

    cabin fever

    Hey you guys got that right! Cabin fever is not the word for it. I am north of both of you guys in Paradise and I am very sick of the weather. Today is opening Spring turkey hunting day and my son and I sit here indoors looking out at the wind and rain. Not sure if the turkeys are out there but we are not! Time to get some indoor work done and hope for the best come Monday they are calling for SUN! they say 70's all week! I hope it is just not a dream! I think there is going to be some gully washers if it heats up that much that fast. The snow is low and it will melt fast and cause some troubles. On the plus side that may move some gold around. Good rainy day to all! Jason
  13. I am gonna find it first!

    Take a lesson from another forum

    The original talk on the new 49er forum was NOT to eliminate spam but to cover the cost of hosting the forum! I am no longer a member! It was $5.00 yes as a side effect the spammers where dropped and the trolls to. BUT there where many guys including myself that shared valuable info on that site. I posted a load of pictures and info on electric working mini dredges and helped a bunch of guys with it. If adding good info to the site is not enough to keep me a member than I am no longer a part of the group. I will not PAY to contribute tech info. I can save time and effort just to sit back and say nothing which is what has happened after that. To much effort to see it closed off to fellow guys unless they pay. Yes looks like they increased the yearly to $10.00 now and I did get an e-mail stating that hosting costs went up so they raised the price. Dumb move. If you ask Chris why he has this forum he would probably answer; "To help assist with customer relations for my business." Maybe I am way wrong in thinking that but I am willing to bet this is why he has it. It is a cost to the business just like advertising. He has to pay for it and has to work at it to keep it in check and running smooth. It just goes with the job to keep up with this part. This is not up to us. It is not a free for all general public forum. It is directly related to a business for customer and detecting related use for AZoutback. I am also not speaking for AZO just adding as a bizz owner myself. If this was a forum and I had it up just as a general detecting forum not attached to a bizz for any reason and I chose to have paid advertisers and a paid memebership then so be it. I would want a yearly due to cover hosting. But for my business I want it FREE so the guys can stop by and see my sales, adds, and general tech info about the products I am selling. There is no way I can charge you the customer for that. If a forum goes pay per use then the guys will drop like flies. If you don't like seeing the spam surges once and awhile then you have the option to NOT come here and have to see it. Find a pay forum and post there. Yes this is blunt but this is something I strongly disagree with. "We" the guys on the forum are the ones that make a forum what it is. Without us the forum is nothing. So why should we need to pay to be here? Hey the weather is good and I am loading my truck to go do some detecting! Catch you guys later!
  14. I am gonna find it first!

    Gold Rush tv show

    I am with you guys on the fact the show is just plain crazy. This whole setup they have going is ass backwards. I must say I am really starting to hate the Todd guy. He keeps pushing the other guy around. Tells him he is going to hit him. Hell I would not last 5 minutes with Todd. I would have hauled off and smacked him in the head. Then the other guy just stands there and watches and he agrees with the red haired guy. But he says nothing. I got to say I think the guy that has saved the whole program is the rock and mining guy that flew in on the last show. He seems to know how to get a large scale operation running. I think the rest of the group where afraid to build the equipment for fear of actually having to run it. They are scared.
  15. I am gonna find it first!

    TDI vs SD/GP/GPX

    If Chris was willing to do the review on the TDI I am guessing he would not mind some discussion on it. I will agree with Chuck that the TDI is a real nice machine for the money and it has it's features that are becoming very useful in certain conditions. With the right coils it is one hell of a machine. Next with Minelab not producing a 2200 or 2100 the new price bracket has really taken the Minelabs out of reach of some guys. So I would say right now the TDI pro is the BEST PI machine at this price bracket. With some practice it can be very very effective for gold. At the same time block out large iron and do a great job of it. Will it hit as deep as the ML well that is hard to say. Under certain condition the ML will blast the TDI out of the water for depth due to the higher power of the ML but under certain conditions the TDI will out shine the ML when in super trashy areas is one of them. There is several stories out there where guys could not run the ML due to the nails in the ground yet come back with the TDI and pick up some nuggets. The TDI has it's place. It is a great machine, has a great price and warranty and with the new coils it is awesome!