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  1. Ron, Thanks for the fun contest, it was a great idea. I was one of the winners by choosing #10. I'm going to have to leave it up to you as to what map I would need because I live up here in the great Northwest. Kamikaze (Gaine) and I are going to meet up in Vegas this fall and head over to Gold Basin for a day of detecting, so maybe a map of that area would be a good choice. PM me and I'll give you my address, if I don't send it to you first. Thanks once again, Keith
  2. My selection would be #10, if I win I'll have to choose a map later. Thanks, Keith
  3. Another little tip I learned from my friend Gaine while in Alaska was to have a small pair of clippers to remove branches. It sure works for cutting branches that are in the way while trying to detect under them. If this suggestion wins Gaine can have the video! Keith M.
  4. Some people are directionally challanged, a good GPS becomes really handy when trying to return to your pick up after a long day detecting. This is especially handy up here in the mountains. Keith M.
  5. Make a list of all your detecting accessories and supplies that you will need while out hunting, maybe even have it laminated. Then before you leave to go detecting check and make sure that you have everything and you haven't forgotten anything important. It sucks when your out in the mountains and realize that your pick is at home. Keith M.
  6. mugsy

    AZO tip

    Thanks Montana, It's always good to get new tips and this is something I never thought of. Keith
  7. Chris, Now that's to close for my comfort!!!! Keith
  8. I just wanted to pass along an opportunity to anyone here who is interested in a great trip to Alaska. Moore Creek has been made available to nugget hunters for the last three years by Steve Herschbach and his partners. I just noticed that there are a couple of spaces left for this summer. If anyone is thinking about a real Alaskan outback metal detecting trip and finding some nice Alaskan gold, this is something to think about. I've been there the last two years and will be there again for two weeks this year. If you read any of the other forums you will see what I mean about a great, relaxing time. The living quarters are very comfortable and the food is eveything you would expect, and much better, from a remote camp. Some large nuggets have been found along with some beautiful specimens. The chance to detect, highbank or dredge are all available to those who have these interests. If you are interested go to moorecreek.com. Just thought you should know, Keith
  9. Chris, I've noticed that the forum may be down or acting up. I've been trying to use the function at the bottom of the page and looking for past messages containing the words GPX4000. This used to work and now it isn't, just passing this news along and hope all is working soon. Keith
  10. Michael, How's the weather over in Boise? Where were you able to go detecting and find your nugget? I know over here we still have snow covering most of our nugget areas and the ground must be frozen down a good foot or two. Maybe we'll meet up someday, I'm over in the Baker City area. Keith
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, from up here in the snowy mountains of Eastern Oregon Keith
  12. mugsy

    Chris Gholson

    Chris, I hope my copy of Lost Treasure shows up soon as I always enjoy reading your articles. Congratulations on being a contributor to the magazine. Mugsy
  13. Hey Chris, Happy Birthday from the great northwest, and tell Rob YES !!! Mugsy
  14. Looking for someone who has a good used Tesoro Diablo UMax. I'm hoping to get one for my wife. It's light and easy to run and she's used one before and loved it. Please e-mail or reply here. Thank you, mugsy
  15. Chris, It's just amazing how much all of you were able to accomplish in such a very short time. I viewed the preview and it looks great. Please save me a copy of both dvd's also. Mugsy
  16. mugsy

    Sneak Preview!!!

    Hi Chris and Jonathan, Watched the preview the other night and am looking forward to seeing the entire version. Looks great, can't wait. Mugsy
  17. Kamikaze, Life is tough, while you sit by the beach drinking a cold one I have to hunt elk and find nuggets in my spare time. Have a good day, Mugsy
  18. mugsy

    GP3500 settings

    Jonathan, Every little bit of information helps, thanks. I was still wondering about the setting on the signal switch. I see that you have it maxed out, does this have a certain advantage or just your personal setting? Thanks in advance for your reply, Mugsy
  19. mugsy

    GP3500 settings

    Jonathan, Thanks for the bit of info, was just curious as to what the advantages are to set the signal knob to max and the volume at halfway? Congratulations on those spectacular nuggets. Thanks, Mugsy
  20. Darin, I went to the Dilbert site and tried to find those comic strips myself, it seems as though you can not go back far enough in their archives. Those comics came out over a year ago. Good luck and Merry Christmas. Mugsy
  21. Darin, It's been a year or more, but the Dilbert comic strip ran a series of cartoons on metal detecting. They didn't have anything to do with nugget hunting but with metal detecting in general. Go to Dilbert.com and look at past comics. Hope this gives you some direction. Mugsy