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  1. Doc, if there are any numbers left can you assign me one? Thanks
  2. mugsy

    My Christmas Present

    JP Great story with a great finish. I was able to visit your country this past October and looking at your pictures sure brings back memories that I'll never forget. By the way I really enjoyed your article in the December ICMJ and was wondering how much a lot more was! While in Australia I used the NF 12" round mono SL exclusively, it's a great coil also. Keep us informed of your adventures, I know that I love to read them while waiting for spring here in the north west. Keith
  3. Cool nuggets and great job, are they the Arizona brand of gold nuggets? Mugsy
  4. mugsy

    Minelab vs Whites lawsuit

    Doug, Huego, Thanks for all the special info you've been passing on to us forum members and, so I don't distract from the original message, I will say that if I really wanted to read about the patent stuff I could go to Rob's site and read about it there. I'm just guessing but I would say 90% of the people who read Chris's site also read Rob's site so why do we all have to see this again? Maybe you both should start a special forum where you can give us all the information we could ever want and you could direct those who back you and your thoughts there. Not to say I don't read these messages it's just that I get tired of them and hear the same message and crap all the time. And, as you would say, "All the best to you" Mugsy P.S. Nice nuggets JP, hopefully we'll meet up in Australia someday.
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    Wrongway, E-mail sent. Mugsy
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    Wrongway, If still interested in buying a Fisher Goldstrike let me know. I have a brand new one in the box. Thanks, Mugsy
  7. Terry, My screen is a 19" so maybe if I changed my resolution it would be fine, I'll give it a shot. Mugsy
  8. Terry, Site looks good but just wish that I didn't have to scroll to the left or right to see the whole page. Nice job otherwise. Mugsy
  9. Now that is cool, beautiful job. Wear it with pride.....
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    Fred, Thanks for the info. Getting in a day early sounds like a good plan, the way I had it figured was to head out as soon as I arrived there but, as you say, maybe my luggage won't be there yet and I'll have to wait for it to catch up with me. Sounds like a great idea to have extra copies of the visas too. I,ve only had a few problems with luggage going to and from Alaska but can verify it's a bitch when you don't have what you need. Thanks, Mugsy
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    To those of you who have made the trip to Australia to nugget hunt. What suggestions would you have regarding packing your detector to make sure it arrives the same time you do. Have you packed it in your carry-on or did you have to put in in your checked through luggage? Is there any other papers needed besides passport and a visitors visa? Any added information would be helpful. Thanks, Mugsy
  12. I and a few friends are thinking of heading to Australia this year to do a little nugget hunting. I have done some research, contacted a few people and read the Australian Gem and Treasure magazine, but what I was wondering is if anyone here has made the trip there by booking on one of the tours that are available. For our first time there and on a limited time frame I really don't think that we want to go in cold and make all the plans and connections ourselves. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions or recommendations?? Thanks, Mugsy
  13. Thanks JP, I have been in contact with Golden Triangle Tours after getting a recommendation from you earlier, it seems like a great opportunity and from what I've learned from Greckie that's probably where I will go. But I am just testing the waters to see what else is there and what, if anything, anybody has to say about other places. Thanks again for all the help you've been. Keith (aka Mugsy)
  14. Nice nuggets Chris, your intuition paid off. Always follow your gut feelings. Mugsy
  15. Newbie, For an honest evaluation on the various metal detectors for nugget hunting check out akmining.com and search for Metal Detecting and then for Nugget Detector Opinions. Hope this helps.
  16. Nice nugget. Waiting for the day I can get back out and find some more myself it's going to be another couple of months at the very least. So in the meantime I'll keep reading your posts and waiting for the day. Keep them coming!
  17. Check out GP3500 on E-bay, the first bidder wins it plus free shipping- It's a good detector with lots of extras. It used to be mine, I sold it to him last summer and we went out one time with it. He says that he only used it one time after that and I believe him. I took this particular detector to Moore Creek.... Mugsy
  18. Great Job---That's an exceptional nugget
  19. Winter is just around the corner so I decided to try my luck one more time before the snows came. I went to one of my favorite claims,one that I've had for years, and choose to do a little expanding of my usual detecting area. I had already been detecting for a few hours at another spot with no luck and this was the last place to check before heading home and some more pre-winter chores. I had no more than turned my detector on and was a mere 15 feet away from the pick-up when I received a great signal that almost sounded to loud for a nugget. Down about 6 inches out popped this rough nugget. Try as I could I just couldn't find his twin brother. Maybe tomorrow will bring just one more day of fall sunshine. I'll post another picture after it is all cleaned up and the sun is out so I can get a better shot. Mugsy
  20. Chris, I wish it was a 37 grammer---but a 11.7 gram will have to do. Mugsy
  21. A few pictures of other nuggets I picked up from the same place this summer. Thanks again, Mugsy
  22. Got a chance to clean the little guy up and take some pictures, wished it had weighed more but a nugget is a nugget anyway you look at them. Now I need another day or two, hope the global warming continues (it's only 37 right now). Also sent a picture of our killer cat stalking the local turkeys. Thanks, Mugsy
  23. Didn't mean to post the same picture twice-------------